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BGMI Banned! Removed from Google Play Store, Apple App Store


Back in 2020, numerous Chinese apps along with PUBG were banned in India. After the ban, only those people were able to play PUBG who already had the game installed on their devices. But fortunately, the game made a comeback a year after with some minor changes and was named Battlegrounds Mobile India/BGMI.

However, there is again heartbreaking news for BGMI lovers. Google has recently removed this popular royale battle game from the Play store after the government’s order. The game is no more available on the Apple App store as well.

As of now, there is no confirmation from the IT ministry yet, but we can assume that the game has been banned. This is exactly what happened before the government put a ban on PUBG in 2020. In the case of BGMI also, only the people who already have the game installed can play and no new players can download it from the Play store.

Krafton has also confirmed the news and said that they are trying to figure it out how BGMI was removed from the Play store and App store. It also said that it will inform everyone about what actually has happened once they get the information.

Google said that it has already notified the affected developer. As of now, the company has blocked access to the app that was available on the Play Store in India. Recently, BGMI, which is a popular battle royale game crossed 100 million registered users in the country. Surprisingly, it only took a year for the game to achieve this milestone.

This number shows that the country has numerous BGMI players. And this news could also be unpleasant for all the streamers, YouTubers, and BGMI players.

However, we are not yet sure if the game has been removed from the Play store because of a ban, or if there is some technical glitch.

Hopefully, we get to hear something positive from the company and the game gets back soon on the Play store and App store (all BGMI players right now).