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Beware of the Latest WhatsApp Scam

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There has been a surge in cyber crime amidst the COVID pandemic. Countries all across the globe have reported a spurt in cyber crime in the lockdown months. WhatsApp has of lately been in the news for all the wrong reasons – the recent being the latest WhatsApp scam.

What is the latest WhatsApp scam?

Users have reported that they are receiving video calls on WhatsApp from unidentified numbers and after the user receives the call, the screen shows a video of a nude girl, and then the call gets disconnected. To blackmail the users, cyber criminals are then send screenshots of the video and ask for a hefty amount in return or threaten to upload the same on social media and make them viral.  

A case for cyber sextortion

Purely a case of cyber extortion or cyber sextortion, the latest WhatsApp scam puts the victim in financial distress. The cyber criminals ask for a lumpsum amount and threaten to upload everything online. These scammers use smooth language skills to trap the “customers” so that they can do sex chat on a video call.

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Protect yourself from latest WhatsApp scam

Sextortion is when someone threatens to publicly release private or sensitive information about a victim online if one doesn’t provide them with things of a sexual nature. The criminals can either ask for money or sexual favours in return or else keep threatening to spoil the image of the victim. To help you out, we have listed some points that will help you protect yourself from cyber sextortion.

  • Never store compromising photos of yourself to locations that are commonly targetted by hackers. 
  • Don’t send compromising photos of yourself to anyone at any point in the relationship. 
  • Do not blindly trust an online dating profile. They are far too easy to fake. Use caution with what photos or videos you send anyone you’ve met on an online dating website until you’ve met them.
  • Stay away from indulging in a sex video chat.
  • If you have a teenager, it is best to have have parental controls installed and enabled to prevent random or texts to strangers. 

We request all our readers to not succumb to the threats made by cyber criminals. It is best to report the case to the police and wait for the experts to take the further steps.

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