Android emulators are increasingly being used for performing the functions of an Android device more effectively and rapidly. Using an emulator is sometimes better than using a physical device such as in the case of data transfer, which is faster in an emulator.

The tech market is flooded with an array of emulators. The high-end ones are usually compatible with sophisticated PCs. The good news is that users owing desktops with low-end specifications can also use emulators on their device. Here we have enlisted the best emulators for low end PCs. The right pick will depend on the purpose of using the emulator.

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Android emulator is a great tool for developers who are engaged in the process of app testing. It helps in checking the compatibility of the app on multiple Android devices without having to own any of them. The emulator also helps in identifying bugs in the interface of apps running on the different devices.

Purpose of Android Emulator

As the name suggests, an Android emulator emulates the Android operating system on the desktop and configures the keyboard and mouse. Almost all the functions of an Android device can be performed via the emulator. It can also be used for playing Android games as it allows installation of various apps on the PC.

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Best Emulators for Low End PC: Top 5 Picks


This is a highly recommended emulator for low end PC as it only requires 36GB storage and 2GB RAM. This means that you can avail the functionality of this emulator even if your desktop does not have a great processor or a lot of free disk space.


Minimum system requirements of using the LD Player include a Windows PC, Intel or AMD CPU, Open GL 2.0 GPU or DirectX 11 technology system among others. When compared to other emulators, LD Player promises high performance and doesn’t contain any advertisements or spyware.

The benefits of LD Player include custom control via both keyboard and mouse, high speed despite the low configuration and compatibility with a wide range of games. It also allows opening and playing multiple games at a time. Get LDP layer on your desktop by downloading it from the website.

BlueStacks 4

BlueStacks 4 is the most popular emulator for low end PC in 2021, all thanks to its user-friendly interface. The USP of this emulator is its speed, which makes an operating system run six to eight times faster than many sophisticated smartphones. It is compatible with both Windows and macOS and comes with a host of features.

BlueStacks 4

It is the best emulator for low end PCs to play games as it helps in enhancing the reaction time. The key mapping aspect allows keyboard configuration by setting specific controls. To work well on a PC, the Bluestacks emulator requires a minimum of 2GB RAM, 5GB memory, Open GL 3.0, and others.

There are a wide variety of other customizations offered by the renowned brand. These include recording videos of the screen or taking screenshots, changing the orientation of the screen, transferring files to PC, supporting multiple accounts, etc. The easy-to-use emulator can be simply downloaded from Bluestacks’ official website.


This emulator has also been designed for gaming activities on desktops with low-end specs. It encompasses a variety of specifications that facilitate a fast and hassle-free gaming experience such as keyboard mapping and customization. The minimum desktop specification requirements are similar to other apps such as 2GB RAM, Intel or AMD processor, etc.


MEmu delivers high speed performance even in the case of productivity apps, unlike Bluestacks which gets a bit sluggish. It also allows assigning a virtual location on Maps. The best part about MEmu is that it is compatible with both AMD and Nvidia chips.

This relatively new app, however, lags behind in terms of graphics. Also, the Android version supported by it is quite old. It comes with Kitkat and can be upgraded to Lollipop5.1.1.Despite these drawbacks, MEmu works really well as an emulator, competing with the likes of Bluestacks and Nox. You can install MEmu emulator from the company’swebsite.

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Nox Player

Nox is an equally useful emulator that helps play heavy Android games such as PUBG on PC. It emulates an Android phone or tablet and allows you to run almost any app on the desktop. It also features a charm bar from where the services of the emulator can be accessed.

Nox Player

It is absolutely free and does not have any sponsored ads whatsoever. It is therefore, a true gaming app that is available for both Windows and Mac. Just like other emulators, users can assign shortcuts to the keyboard. Users can also record their gaming operations with the help of the default recorder.

The downside is that Nox is pretty heavy and might not be suitable for using a lot of other apps. It also does not support the latest Android operating system. Nevertheless, Nox is one of the best emulators for low end PC out there and can be downloaded from here.

Ko Player

If you want to indulge in lag-free gaming, then Ko Player is the best emulator for you. Compatible with PCs not having sophisticated configurations, Ko Player is light and easy to use. Moreover, you can easily download any app of your choice since the Google Play Store comes with the emulator. You can also try out apps from Ko Player’s own store.

Ko Player

There are many reasons why it happens to be a really good emulator for low end PCs. Firstly, there is no need to be the owner of a device to enjoy the functions of Android. Secondly, you can conveniently record videos of your gameplay and share the same with anyone. Thirdly, it offers customized control of the keyboard and gamepad, along with access to multiple accounts.

However, there is a technical glitch in the emulator. There are chances that Ko Player randomly freezes while in use. But that doesn’t really affect the functionality of the emulator. To get access to Ko Player, visit the company’s website and download it on your PC from there.