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Best Electric Scooters in India

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Like many others, if you also want to save money on increasing fuel prices then the Electric Scooter is the best option. Although all of the electrical vehicles are a better option, electric scooters offer a lesser price range as compared to other electric vehicles.

Mechanism of Electric Scooters

Like any other scooter, electric scooters also have brakes, a deck, two wheels and a seat. The difference is their engine works with electrical batteries which you need to recharge after they get used. Different electrical scooters offer different battery range and technological features.

Here is a list of the best electric scooters in India, Find out which one you like most.

Advantages of Electric Scooters

  • Low cost: In comparison to fuel based vehicles, electrical vehicles save your money on fuels. Although buying electrical vehicles is expensive, this is a one time investment. Afterwards you won’t have to spend money on fuel or gas.
  • Safe for environment: As electric scooter work on electricity so there is no point of air pollution or noise pollution
  • Maintenance: Electric scooters or vehicles are of very low maintenance. They have been designed very simply and have no future complications for users.
  • No noise pollution: Electric scooters come with very reasonable operating sound, and hence very low noise
  • Lightweight: Electric scooters are very simply designed and come with very low weight. That’s very easy to handle
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  • Batteries need to be changed: Every battery comes with a life time of around one to 3 years. When battery life ends, they need to be replaced with a new one. And one battery cost ranges from 13,000 – 20,000
  • Distance range: On an average, an electric scooter can cover around 100 Km distance in one charge. This range declines over time as the battery gets old. So it’s a no for long distance range
  • Repairing: When electric vehicles will grow in popularity only then repairing services will be easily accessible.

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Best Electric Scooter in India 2022

Bajaj Chetak EV

Best electric scooter in India 2022

Battery Range: 85-95 Km

Charging Time: 5hr

Engine: 3800w BLDC

Price Range: 1.50 Lakh

Bajaj Chetak EV

Bajaj is already a trustworthy brand of India. It has already released petrol scooters with the same Chetak brand. And now in 2019 it has released electric scooters under the name Bajaj Chetak EV. It offers an efficient electric scooter which has a 300w BLDC engine which can go up to 78Km/h speed, along with a battery having 3 year warranty.

When it comes to design and appearance, Chetak EV has DRLs, horseshoe shaped headlight and apron design with LED indicators. That’s why it made it to the list of best electric scooter in India 2022.

Ather 450x

One of the best electric scooter in India

Battery Range: 70-80Km

Charging Time: 90 minutes

Engine: 6kW 26Nm

Price Range: 1.26 Lakh-1.45 Lakh

Ather 450x

Ather 450x has modern design and features. It has Permanent Magnet Synchronous (PMS) which is connected to 21.700 cell lithium ion BMS (battery management system). If you use it in Ride mode then battery Range is 70Km and if in Eco mode then battery Range is 85Km.

Ather gives a sporty look having LED headlight and exclusive body covering. It also offers modern features like digital document storage, automatic Google Maps, connectivity and surrounded by LED lights.

And not just these features, there is a 4G LTE SIM card system already included within the vehicle. There is 7inch screen along with snapdragon processor and Bluetooth connection for music and other android operations. No wonder it is the best electric scooter in India.


One with Most Technological features

Battery Range: 75Km

Charging Time: 5 hrs

Engine: 4.4 kW electric hub

Price Range: Starts from 1.00 Lakh


TVS IQube will be the most available electric scooter around the country. And this electric scooter comes under Indian Government Programme, as a result it offers subsidiary and convergence energy services.

TVS IQube has a combination of 2.25kWh lithium ion batteries and 4.4kW electric hub engine motor. Together they provide an efficient user experience with a maximum speed of 78kmph. When it comes to acceleration it can change the speed from 0 to 4Km/hr within 4.2 seconds.

A lightweight Electric scooter with 118kg of weight. Equipped with a 12-inch wheel from Jupiter Grande along with rear drum unit and front disc for extra stability. Beside mechanical features it has technological features as well. Such as a colorful digital display that connects to your mobile phone, light under the seat, LED lights surrounding the drivetrain, and USB charging.

Technological features can assist you in night display, q-park, changing riding modes and braking. Emergency alarms, previous ride records and battery charging display every data is available both on the display.

Ola Electric

Budget Friendly Electric Scooter

Battery Range:

Charging Time:


Price Range: 85,099-1.10 Lakh

Ola Electric

Ola electric has only one scooter model and that is an electric scooter. First automotive subsidiary of the company was founded in 2020.  OLA S1 is a popular electric scooter in India. Which has two versions one is regular and other is pro version.

The Pro version is more powerful, has a larger battery, voice control and cruise control. And the common thing among two of them is both are keyless and work with key code. Due to its long term mobility commitment Ola is the most inexpensive electric scooter on the list.

Although there are more electric scooters available in India but above-mentioned list has the best electric scooter in India. So you can check out their features, price range, battery Range and get the idea of what suits you best. Hopefully you get the electric scooter you are looking for. If yes tell in the comment section which electric scooter you found as the best electric scooter in India 2022.

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