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Apple Will Soon Start Testing New App Store Ad Placements

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Tech giant Apple is planning to test a pair of new ad placements on the App Store. This is done with the aim to give developers more opportunities to get their apps discovered by users.

As per the reports by various websites, including AppleInsider, and the Verge, the new ad slots include the “You Might Also Like” section of an App’s product page, and placement on the App Store Today page. To differentiate between organic and editorial recommendations, both the placements would be marked as ads.

Apple says that the Apple Search Ads give opportunities to developers of all sizes so that they can grow their business. As of now, there is no official confirmation of when the new placements would roll out. But it is expected to roll out really soon.

Testing New App Store Ad Placements 1

At present, there are only two ad slots that are available on the App store. And both these appear only when users search for any new app. However, now, after the roll-out of new ad slots, the company will only focus on transparency and privacy.

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Apple even told the advertisers that around “78% of the search volume on the App store was from the devices with first-party data collection turned off.” Despite this, the company’s privacy-protecting advertising technology remained effective for businesses.

The company also said that like other advertising offerings, these new ad placements are also built on the same foundation. And they will contain content only from apps.

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Mansi Gupta
Mansi Gupta
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