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Android Phones at Risk, Experts Warn of Virus via Fake Text Message

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Technology experts and banks constantly warn us about sharing information with unknown numbers. Now, the US police has come out with a warning about a virus via fake text messages. Frauds due to Android viruses via fake text messages is not uncommon. Now, these text messages are emulating delivery providers, which is misleading.

This is Smishing — a type of attack by cyber criminals where they gather personal information such as social insurance and credit card numbers. The virus is sent via text messages. Sharing virus via fake text message has become commonplace among cyber criminals. These text messages are compelling enough and persuade people to download malware.

When you receive a suspicious message and you open it, it is not going to infect your phone.

So now, the question is how the virus enters the phone?

Let us tell you how it happens

Fake text message on package 1

You will notice the messages sent to you by cyber criminals will always have an attachment or a clickable link. When you download such attachments or open those links, the virus will enter the phone. This will immediately send all your personal information to the criminals.

For now, there is no way through which these scammers can be blocked. But experts recommend to beware about the texts you are not sure about.

Beware of Tracking and traceability links

“Did you suddenly receive a message indicating that a package is on its way to you?” To track the mail, you will be asked to click on a tracking link. Pay attention to this, because this is the time when malicious parties try to move. They give you the idea that you can effectively track the package through tracking and tracing, but what really happens is you are sent to a bogus app through this link in the text, “police said. .

06 numbers

Along with stealing personal information, FluBot can also store all number from your contact list. These 06 numbers also receive such SMS from phones infected with the malware. This allows messages to spread quickly. FluBot is a malware, which automatically send text messages from infected devices to contacts it has received from other infected devices.

Over the summer, police warned that the malware was sending another type of fake text message, claiming there was a new voicemail message to click on.

How to get rid of the malware or the virus?

Fake text message on package 2

Only Android phones can be infected by the malware. iPhone users may receive such texts, but if you download the attachments or open the links, your device will not be infected. For Android users, just clicking on the link is not directly dangerous, but installing the app is.

If your phone is infected with malware, the only thing you can do is reset the smartphone to factory settings.

Be cautious about virus via fake text message on the packages that you receive.

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