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Android Heads Up Mode To Keep Your Head Straight

We all use our smartphones while walking. We use it to text, to see directions, or even out of habit. Distracted walking impairs attention and increases the risk of accidents. To curb the ill- effects of distracted walking, a new ‘Attention’ feature has been launched in Android’s digital wellness service to stop users from continuously looking at their phones, especially while walking. The Android Heads Up Mode has currently been launched in the beta version of the Digital Wellbeing app.

Google has requested the users to be a little cautious when using mobile devices. The tech giant said, “Use with caution. Heads Up is not a substitute for attention.”After turning on Heads Up, the smartphone will occasionally display an alert to remind an Android user to keep the head up when it detects one is walking and using the phone at the same time.

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The Android Heads Up Modeset up page says, “If you’re walking while using your phone, get a reminder to focus on what’s around you,” says the HeadsUp setup page. The reminders include brief notifications with instructions like “Watch your step,” “Stay alert,” and “Look up.”

Digital Wellbeing is a built-in service into some Android phones to enable users to manage app usage. It can be used to set boundaries on the time one spends in specific apps, or to set up a “Bedtime Mode” to make a phone less distracting late at night, for example.

We request all our readers to avoid using your cell phone or engage in other distracting activities while walking. According to XDA developers, the Android Heads Up mode will first come to all Pixel devices. Google has yet not confirmed when Android Heads Up mode will be introduced in other smartphones devices. If you have a Pixel and don’t see the Heads Up feature quite yet, you can join the Digital Wellbeing beta program.

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