With salary cuts, no hikes and promotions, and the increasing prices of all necessary goods and services, thoughtful money management has become more important than ever. Budgeting in advance enables one top have a spending plan in hand, and also allows one to save enough for a comfortable future.  Here are some of the best money management Android apps you should give a try.


Wallet is one of the most sought-after money management Android app. The visual money manager offers quick and easy insights, and includes both free and paid features.

In case you want to start free, to use the Wallet app, you will have to update your spending. The wallet enables you to bring all different accounts into one place, thus automating the process of tracking monthly expenses by not only connecting your bank, abut even online wallets like Coinbase, Amazon Pay, and PayPal. The budgeting app also offers additional features, includingsharing your details and more visual customisation options.


Wallet not onlyrecords income and expenses, but it also enables its users to follow a more systematic approach by enables money allotment for goals, and even keeps a track of the debts. It gives users the opportunity to a set a budget for shopping lists so that one doesn’t end up going overboard and spending unnecessarily. The app also keeps a track of all warranties, loyalty cards, and so on.

The really good visual design makes it eye-friendly. There is also a fun game called Was It Worth It, which generates a score for purchases based on your inputs, to help you see if you’re happy with how you’re spending money.

This one is one of the best budgeting app choices for any lover of statistics. All major banks, like SBI, ICICI, HDFC, and Axis are supported.

Money Manager

Tracking expenses can never be easy. The smart, bright interface without any ads of the Money Manager budgeting app is a great app for beginners. You can use this money management app to add photos to entries, and is quite handy in case you need to submit receipts for work.

Money Manager

You will have to manually enter all the as the app has numerous sub-categories under both income and expense. The app also offers a pie chart which shows an overall view of your expenses and income. The money management app also offers a detailed analysis of your daily average on each of your expenses and income through the line graph.

The app is available on both iOS and Android. To unlock premium features like management from your PC, and adding unlimited accounts, you will have to pay a premium charge of Rs. 399.


This budgeting app for Android has a cult-like following of die-hard fans who love it for its unique approach when compared to other budgeting apps. Instead of depending on traditional budgeting buckets, the app supports its users and provides a framework to create budgets basis on income, thus ensuring not even a single penny gets wasted.


YNAB app is a great option for individuals and couples who like to work together on their budget. It offers both desktop and mobile interfaces, and allows users to sync bank accounts automatically. Users cab even opt to enter expenses manually, and includes debt payoff and goal tracking features to help motivate you to reach your money goals.


Monefy is a great money management Android app for people who want a very quick and easy experience. The simple user interface makes navigation easy, thus making it an ideal app to keep an eye on your expenses.

Monefy app

The app has an in-built calculator which automatically pops-up every time a user monthly income or expenses. It provides an in-depth view of expenses, including daily to yearly expenses. Users can even manually set custom time frames using the ‘Interval’ option.

The premium version of Monefy money management app is available for Rs. 199. This paid version allows you to use the password protection feature, synchornise your data and add more expense and income categories to meet your requirements.

mTrakr – Money Manager App

Use mTrakr money management app to not only manage your wealth but also keep a track of income and expenses. This comprehensive app covers all aspects of personal finance and covers all the day-to-day needs of a common man. The money management app automatically classifies all expenses into various categories like Travel, Shopping, Food & Drinks, etc. and helps its users to identify the over-spend areas


The expense tracker in the mTrakr is extremely useful and even helps its users to identify the areas wherein one is overspending to help reduce unwanted expenses. Furthermore, in case you hold more than one bank account, then mTrakr app acts as your Personal Finance Manager and helps you manage multiple bank accounts with a simple click.

What do you think of money management apps? Do you think they can help one become more thoughtful while spending? Which is you’re your trusted budgeting app? Let us know your views in the comment section.