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All You Need to Know About the AI Camera Feature in a Smartphone

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Almost all smartphones available today have a feature called AI in their camera which can be seen when the app is opened to take pictures. Have you ever wondered what it is and how it helps with photography? For all the curious minds willing to know about AI camera, dive in.

What is an AI camera in the context of smartphones?

While AI stands for Artificial Intelligence, an AI camera is a camera that can react to its environment without taking the help of the human mind. The camera software exhibits different cognitive functions like thinking, learning, and problem-solving which are generally associated with the human mind.

An AI camera will use its abilities to ensure taking quality pictures. They are programmed to be able to adjust the settings automatically or as they need to achieve a goal which is to take detailed photos. However, it is also to be noted that just having AI feature would not ensure the best-quality picture as the camera sensors play an extremely important part too. AI can be considered to help with extra optimization.

AI camera 1

Most AI camera features are automatic like AI image processing, auto scene detection, auto-focus, etc. However, most users would not know how each feature works, what they do, or what exactly happens behind the scene.

Watch this YouTube video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m3CkutAQ9qk

How does an AI camera work?

AI camera enhances images, sharpens blurry elements, reduces noise for pictures taken in low-light environments, captures true colors, etc. through scene or subject recognition. It serves different purposes without the need for extra hardware components.

AI cameras are trained in the laboratory with innumerable images, algorithms, and datasets before they are incorporated into smartphones. Thus, it can identify if there are animals, food, plants, humans, etc. in the scene.

While taking a photo, the AI camera identifies the presence of light, scenes, and angle coverage. All these take place within milliseconds. The data is processed instantly by the AI camera.

AI camera 2

The data helps the AI camera to choose the best color and brightness adjustment, exposure, beauty mode, etc. to ensure a great-looking picture. An AI camera uses algorithms as already mentioned for digital image processing to improve the quality of the image to its maximum potential. In other words, it does the enhancing and editing work on the picture.

For instance, the beauty mode removes blemishes from the skin and smoothens it for any human figure in the picture. At the rate with which AI camera in smartphones is being developed, it is giving tough competition to DSLR cameras. One can expect this feature to improve even more in the future.

What if an AI camera is not a feature in the smartphone?

It is almost by default that all smartphones, especially the mid to high-range devices, have AI cameras installed on them. However, if it is not the case with your device, you can download an AI camera app, which is available on Google Play Store and Apple App Store. Some examples of such apps are Picai, Selfissimo, S.Pro, AI Gallery/Camera, etc.

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AI may not be able to completely substitute professional photographers and photo editors but it can help save time and sometimes money too, spent fixing pictures using a regular software tool. AI is surely a cost-effective and efficient tool for taking photos. If you are already using a smartphone with the AI camera feature, let us know how is your experience so far?

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