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All the info you need About Hidden Security Cameras for Home

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One thing we all worry about is the safety of our loved ones and our possessions. But, to ensure the safety and the security of our home can we be around 24 x 7? The answer is obviously no. But, thanks to the world of tech we can be there even while we can’t! We can keep an eye on our homes and offices while running errands, on vacation or anytime we have to be away. 

Let us begin by asking you some questions :- 

  • Are you always worried about your home’s security when you are not around? 
  • Do you want to keep an eye on your house while you are away on a vacation? 
  • Are you unable to sleep properly at night fearing for the safety of you or your family?

If you have answered ‘Yes’ to even one of the questions above, then we have the perfect solution for you. 

hidden security camera for home 1

You can put all your worries to rest by installing hidden security cameras in your home. Hidden security cameras can be a great investment for the safety of your home as well as your peace of mind. 

Hidden security cameras have advantages and disadvantages. We have listed out some of the points below for you to consider before you make an investment in a security system for your home or your workplace. 

Advantages of a hidden security camera for home : –

  • A hidden security system works well because it is not visible for everyone to see. As a home or business owner only you know about the placement of your security system. This prevents the possibility of manipulation of the security system from potential criminals. 
  • The activities in and around your property can be easily monitored even during your absence. Whether it is daytime or pitch dark during the night, you can be comfortable and let the hidden security camera do its job. 
  • With technology becoming more affordable, hidden security cameras or spy cameras are becoming more affordable. There is one available to fit all budgets. 

What are the disadvantages of hidden security cameras for home or businesses?

  • A hidden security camera does not have the technical advantage to record audio. In case you want to monitor activities in your property and want audio along with it you will have to attach a microphone.
  • Even though there are hidden cameras practically for every budget, the truth is a good quality security system can be very costly. Clear and continuous footage is mostly guaranteed by the high end cameras.
hidden security camera for home
  • There is a possibility that despite installing a hidden security camera you may not be able to access any footage. It can happen because sometimes due to plain technical malfunction the cameras may just stop working. 
  • Hidden security cameras cannot stop crime. Truthfully, they can monitor activities and gather evidence. Also, there have been numerous cases where criminals have been able to bypass security cameras and commit the crime. 
  • Cases have been reported where people have been filmed without their consent in hotel rooms, changing rooms, etc. So, in cases where the camera has been hidden with a malicious intention it can be misused.

What are things to remember while installing a hidden security camera system?

  • Make sure you map out the exact points where you have to install the cameras. A thorough assessment can help you in identifying potential problem areas. Mostly security cameras are required at the front and the garage door.
  • Depending upon the placement of the cameras you have to choose between the wireless or the wired cameras. Wireless cameras are obviously easier to set up because they work with WiFi. When installing a wired camera setup, the wires will run through either the wall or the ceiling. 
  • The power source for the cameras also needs to be figured out. The wired camera system will be powered through a singular cable which generally has audio, video and power functions in one. The wireless cameras  run on batteries which can be either recharged or have to be replaced from time to time. 
  • Hidden security cameras should be placed at a height. Placing the cameras at a height not only gives a better view but also keeps the system out of reach from children, pets and potential criminals.
  • If you are installing a camera with the aim to capture footage from outside the window, remember that the IR will wash out the footage. So to tackle this problem, you can either turn off the night vision feature or maybe find a way to block the light from the room.

What type of security camera should you choose?

We all know that when it comes to picture quality, the higher the resolution the better. But does this hold true for security cameras as well? 

hidden security camera for home 3

The answer to this question lies in a gray area. While higher resolution does mean that your image quality would be better, it also means that the footage will take up more recording space. Roughly, 4k images will require almost four times the space in a hard drive if it were to be replaced by 1080p images. A 4k camera system will typically require a much more extensive Internet and equipment set up. Therefore, this system is mostly preferred by business owners.

Hope we were able to help you in your quest to know about hidden security systems for your home!

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Shikha Jain
Shikha Jain is 34 years old. Mother to a daughter. Engineer by qualification but have been a writer for the last seven years.

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