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Add up to 1024 Participants in a WhatsApp Group with the Upcoming Feature

The Meta-owned app ‘WhatsApp’ is testing a brand-new feature that would allow the creation of a larger group with up to 1024 participants. Currently, only 512 users can be added to a WhatsApp group. This feature is currently available to a few beta users in Argentina only.

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WABetaInfo’s take on the feature

WABetaInfo stated, “In our opinion, this is a very important step forward since sub-groups of communities support the same new limit and WhatsApp is also developing new tools to give admins more control over these larger groups in the future, such as a list of pending participants and an approval system.”

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They further added, “This feature is rolling out to some lucky beta testers on WhatsApp beta for Android and iOS this week. As always we will let you know when more people are able to add more than 512 participants in their groups.”

Watch this YouTube video:

How to check the feature?

If you want to check whether or not the new WhatsApp feature is available on your device, do the following:

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  • Open the WhatsApp app
  • Create a new WhatsApp group
  • Add participants to the group
  • If you already have a group, you may add more people to the group as well
  • By doing this you would come to know how many participants you can add the most
  • If you can add just one more than 512 participants you can be assured that you can add up to 1024 as well
  • If the limit is still 512, do not worry as the feature is just being tested on a few users and may pretty soon be available to you as well.

Although still far but with updates like this WhatsApp will soon be able to give tough competition to the Telegram app that allows thousands of users in a group.

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Dipanita Bhowmick
Dipanita Bhowmick
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