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A New Software by Google to Create Apps that Works Across Multiple Devices

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Google has brought a new software development kit (SDK) into existence. Across-device software that enables the developers to create applications that can work across android and non-android devices.

The latest cross-device software is compatible till the Android 8 version. It comes with a developer preview for tablets and android phones and later will be available for Android surfaces and operating systems of non-android devices.

Features of cross-device software

The latest software enables the users to share an application’s ongoing task from one device to another device, without the compulsion to run it in the background.

The primary release consists of a set of great application programming interfaces (APIs) that are focused on secure connections, multi-device sessions, and the core processes of the device.

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Using device discovery, users can locate devices within reach, start the target app on the device at the receiving side and authorize communication among peers.

New Software by Google to Create Apps 1

New software enables secure connections that allow encrypted and low latency, bi-directional sharing of data among authorized devices.

Multi-device sessions can even allow the transfer and extension of an application’s ease of use across various devices.

The software is also capable of enabling task handoff, with the help of this feature users can start any task on one device and continue or complete it on another device.

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“This SDK allows you to focus on what matters most – building delightful user experiences and connecting these experiences across a variety of form factors and platforms,” stated Google.

“In addition, apps will not have to declare or request runtime permissions for connectivity protocols, and the user can allow apps to connect to only the device they selected,” announced the company

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