A New Codec By Google Duo For Better Call Quality

Google Duo For Better Call Quality 1

Google has recently developed a new codec to offer better call quality. Lyra, a low-bitrate codec for speech compression is added in Google Duo for better call quality. The new codec is designed to improve voice quality in apps, such as Google Duo itself.

In the blog post, Google mentioned that connecting to others online via voice and video calls has become a necessity in the world still unable to come out of the shackles of the COVID pandemic.  To meet the changing needs of global continuing challenges in developing codecs, both for video and audio, the aim is to provide increased quality, using less data, and to minimize latency for real-time communication.

The blog post reads, “Even though video might seem much more bandwidth-hungry than audio, modern video codecs can reach lower bitrates than some high-quality speech codecs used today. Combining low-bitrate video and speech codecs can deliver a high-quality video call experience even in low-bandwidth networks.”

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 The new audio codec for Google Duo for better call quality aims to substantially improve audio quality, especially on poor network connections. The new very-low bitrate codec will compress audio that will ensure the calls sound a lot better when the data speeds are slow, thus resulting in a higher-quality call experience without using lots of data. According to the blog post, Google has tested the codec with hundreds and thousands of hours of audio with speakers in over 70 languages.

Google Duo For Better Call Quality

Google has made good use of open-source audio libraries and then verified the audio quality with expert and crowd sourced listeners. The company has yet not mentioned when the new codec will be widely available, but it is quite likely that it will be a behind-the-scenes update, and may not even have an official announcement. So, if you are a Google Duo user, you can expect better call quality and stability in the coming few months.

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