Thursday, December 7, 2023

A Man in Michigan Unlocks His Car and Home Just by Touch

You have to see it to believe how a man from Detroit in Michigan is using his hands to unlock his car and home just by touching them. Well, there is no magic or hocus pocus being done here. He has chips implanted in his hands to get things done.

Brandon Dalaly said, “It’s not just a Tesla key, you are able to have it be a secure crypto storage wallet.” He further added, “I can at some point in the future do credit card transactions of it at some point in time.”

A Man in Michigan Unlocks His Car and Home Just by Touch 1

This 41-year-old relies on microchips, the size of a paper clip, implanted sub-dermally in his both hands. He took the help of a piercer to implant the chips for $100 each. According to him, they do not impact his everyday life and most people do not even notice them.

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Dalaly mentioned, “This is something I’m doing for me. It doesn’t affect anybody else,” He also opined, “I’m not saying this technology is for everybody. I’m saying in the future, you might start to see more of these things. It could possibly save someone’s life.”

His aim is to live a life where he does not have to carry a wallet or keys. Brandon is preparing for a third implant which would monitor his vitals such as body temperature, blood pressure, etc.

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Dipanita Bhowmick
Dipanita Bhowmick
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