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8 Ways to Block Text Messages from Unknown Numbers on Android

Not only robocalls, spammy texts with promises of low interest on loans or credit cards, gift cards, debt relief, etc. are equally annoying. The goal of this nuisance is to steal money or trap people to subscribe to unwanted services. Thus, it becomes essential to block text messages from unknown numbers to prevent oneself from accidentally losing money or falling into the trap.

How to Block Text Messages from Unknown Numbers on Android

Here are eight ways to stop receiving robotexts or spam messages:

I. Ask Them to Stop- Many genuine companies will give options to people to opt-out of receiving messages. Follow the steps as guided by the sender to stop receiving any more messages.

However, scammers use the same process to verify the sender’s number. They lure people to reply STOP to their messages but as soon as somebody sends the message, they can verify the number.

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One should do a Google search to ensure that the given text-able number is genuine.

II. Block Numbers– The easiest way out is to block the phone numbers from where the texts are being sent. Different phones will have different ways to block numbers.

But in most Android devices the following steps would help to block numbers:

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  • Open the messaging app
  • Click on the message that came from the number that needs blocking
  • Press on the number
block text messages from unknown numbers 1
  • Click on Block
  • Choose OK to confirm

III. Report Spam– Along with blocking the number in the above way mentioned, report the message as spam before choosing OK to confirm on the screen where the phone number of the sender is displayed.

block text messages from unknown numbers 2

IV. Enable Spam Protection– Google’s AI can do this as well without the users doing the hard work. Here is how:

  • Open the messaging app
  • Click on the three-dot option
  • Choose Settings
  • Tap on Spam Protection
  • Toggle on to Enable spam protection

V. Be a Tattletale– It is a great idea and a necessary step to report spam messages and robotexts to the cellular carrier one uses. Sending a text message to a specific number mentioned by the telecom carrier to block spam messages and robotexts should help.

VI. Use the Phone’s Setting– Eliminate robotexts and spam messages by filtering out spam on the device. To do this:

  • Open the phone app
  • Tap on the three-dot icon
  • Click on Settings
  • Enable Caller ID & Spam under Settings

VII. Third-Party Apps– Certain third-party apps can help against spammers. RoboKiller and Nomorobo are two of them. They are subscription-based apps and one has to spend a few dollars per month to get efficient filtering and blocking of suspected spam and robotexts.

VIII. File a Complaint– It is illegal to send unsolicited commercial messages to people on their wireless devices i.e. mobile phones without their consent. Thus, an official complaint can be filed against the sender, especially if it is sent from an auto-dialler.

There are two exceptions to this law- relationship or transactional messages or non-commercial messages like fundraising or political surveys.

Hopefully, one of the options mentioned in this article would be able to block text messages from unknown numbers efficiently. Let us know in the comments section below if there are other ways to block spam.

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Dipanita Bhowmick
Dipanita Bhowmick
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