If you are in love with the iPhone, you sure enjoy their set of apps designed for multifarious uses. Users always have high hopes from the company to launch the latest apps that would make things fun and easy for them. We bring to you the top 5 useful iPhone apps in trend these days.

Acompli: This app is similar to Outlook, just that it’s on the iPhone. This app does not look or behave like Outlook. Instead, it’s a one-stop-shop for your email and calendar that gets the job done, well. This app supports Microsoft Exchange, Office 365, Google Apps, Gmail, Outlook.com, Hotmail and Live email services. This app is available free of cost in the Apple’s App Store.

CalPal: This is a nifty calendar app that has been specially designed to coordinate with friends, family and colleagues as simple and seamless as possible. The app gets in sync with any calendars you might already have on your iPhone and offers a beautiful new interface. The app’s events are collaborative and each attendee has the option to edit or update it. The app also has an integrated messaging feature, allowing attendees to chat right in the app. This app is available free of cost at Apple’s App Store.

calpal iphone app

Creative Writer: This app has been designed by Resonaca and is very useful for those who have a flair for writing. The app can be synced with several content styles and once a style is selected, it continuously suggests the next word to be entered in your text as you type. The app has two models, allowing users to switch between them through a single tap on a button. Creative Writer can be downloaded for free but for a limited time, and it usually costs USD3.99.

Frontback: This app offers users the option to capture a selfie as well as the scene in front of them and later merge both the images into one image. This app is the sleekest among all and is available for free at the iOS App Store. 

Harmony app
Harmony 2

Harmony 2: It is a puzzle game recently released by BorderLeap, claimed to be more addictive than the first version. The company made some significant changes in the latest version. Harmony 2 is a puzzle game that tasks the user with rearranging tiles according to their colors. Tiles are mixed up at first, and each one contains a series of dots representing how many times it can be moved. The goal is to use up every move and finish with the tiles arranged appropriately by color.