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5 Best Working Methods to Turn Bitcoin into Real Money in 2023

Do you want to turn Bitcoin into real money as a Bitcoin investor? Even though Bitcoin is well-known and widely accepted, many individuals are still unsure how to convert it into cash. Look at the most recent functioning ways to assist you in doing this activity with ease.

Understand the value of Bitcoin before turning Bitcoin into real money

Before getting into the specifics, let’s quickly review what Bitcoin is and the reasons it has been so popular in recent years. Digital money known as Bitcoin is decentralised and enables safe peer-to-peer trades without the use of middlemen like banks. The market speculations, supply and demand dynamics, and degree of global acceptance all affect its worth.

Method 1: Use cryptocurrency exchanges to sell Bitcoin

Turn Bitcoin into Real Money 1

The most popular and straightforward way to turn Bitcoin into actual money is through cryptocurrency exchanges. Several reputable exchanges, like Coinbase, Binance, and Kraken, offer a user-friendly platform for exchanging your Bitcoin into fiat currencies.

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It Involves only a few easy steps:

  1. Register for a user account on a reliable Bitcoin exchange.
  2. Complete the verification process required by the exchange’s regulatory standards.
  3. From your digital wallet, transfer your Bitcoin to your exchange account.
  4. Enter a sell order for the desired amount of Bitcoin.
  5. When your order is matched with a buyer, the exchange will credit your account with the corresponding amount in your preferred fiat currency.
  6. You are now free to withdraw money from your bank account.

Method 2: Turn Bitcoin into money using peer-to-peer trading

Turn Bitcoin into Real Money 2

Peer-to-peer trading platforms are a good solution if you prefer a more direct and personalised approach. You may haggle over the price and other details of the transaction using these sites, which connect buyers and sellers directly. LocalBitcoins and Paxful are two well-liked peer-to-peer trading platforms.

Here Is the process:

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  1. Create an account on your preferred peer-to-peer trading platform.
  2. To sell Bitcoin, you may either look through the offers already available or create your listing.
  3. Discuss the details of the transaction with potential buyers, involving the payment method and currency rate.
  4. Start the Bitcoin transfer to the buyer’s digital wallet as soon as both sides are pleased.
  5. Confirm that the transaction was completed, and then get paid in the fiat currency of your choice, either by a bank transfer or a cash exchange in person.

Method 3: Use a Bitcoin debit card

Turn Bitcoin into Real Money3

Using Bitcoin debit cards is another practical method to turn Bitcoin into real money. You can use your Bitcoin at any business that accepts card payments. These cards operate similarly to conventional debit cards.

While you link your Bitcoin wallet to your debit card, you can instantly convert your digital assets into local money while purchasing. BitPay and Coinbase debit cards are two well-known Bitcoin debit cards.

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Method 4: Find a Bitcoin ATM

Bitcoin ATMs are progressively becoming available in a variety of locations throughout the world. These ATMs allow you to withdraw cash straight from their Bitcoin holdings.

Using these ATMs, you can withdraw or make purchases with your fiat money after having your Bitcoin converted. However, it’s important to keep in mind that Bitcoin ATMs typically have greater costs than conventional exchanges and can need further identity verification.

Method 5: Take a Bitcoin Loan to turn Bitcoin into real money

If you need money right away but are unwilling to sell your Bitcoin, you might want to think about getting a loan guaranteed by Bitcoin. You can use your Bitcoin holdings as collateral on a number of services, like BlockFi and YouHodler, to borrow money.

By doing so, you can use actual money while retaining the potential gains from your Bitcoin investment. But in order to make a wise choice, you must be aware of the conditions and interest rates attached to these loans.

Things to consider before turning Bitcoin into real money

When navigating the realm of turning Bitcoin into actual money, make it a point to consider the following aspects:


Whether you sell cryptocurrency for fiat money P2P, at a Bitcoin ATM, on a cryptocurrency debit card, on an exchange, or any other method, it is taxable. To learn how cryptocurrency transactions are taxed locally, you should speak with a tax expert.


Every technique necessitates a specific amount of time and effort. For instance, it requires much less time and effort to use the BitPay Card or sell on a centralised exchange than it does to sell on a P2P exchange or locate a Bitcoin ATM.

Long-term objectives and market health

While some cryptocurrency fans may decide to cash out as soon as they start to make money, others may be in it for the long haul. Decide which group you belong to and whether selling your cryptocurrency now is the appropriate financial move for you.

The processes for converting Bitcoin into actual money are getting simpler. Additionally, it is becoming more varied as it continues to acquire acceptance as a valid form of payment. The key is choosing a strategy that fits your tastes and financial objectives.

You could trade on cryptocurrency exchanges, partake in peer-to-peer trading, employ Bitcoin debit cards, use Bitcoin ATMs, or seek Bitcoin loans.

You have explored every strategy and element to turn Bitcoin into real money. Why wait then? Utilise the numerous techniques available today to unleash the value of your digital assets!

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