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How to Cancel Audible Membership on Amazon?

Amazon’s Audible has been your companion during commutes, workouts, or those quiet evenings at home, bringing books and podcasts to life. But now, for reasons of your own, you’re thinking of ending the relationship. The question is – how? 

Worry not, you’re in the right spot as we have mentioned a comprehensive guide on how to cancel audible membership on Amazon?

Let’s begin.

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How to cancel Audible Membership on Amazon via Audible App?

You can also cancel Audible using its app. If you joined Audible through another app like Amazon, you’ll need to use that app to cancel.

Here’s a quick guide on how to cancel your Audible membership in the app:

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1. Find the Audible app on your device and open it.

2. Tap the Menu symbol, which is at the top left of your screen.

3. Pick ‘Account Details’ from the list that pops up.

4. Click on ‘Membership’ and then ‘Cancel Subscription’ (or ‘Cancel Membership’). If you’re using Android, this cancels your Audible membership for Google Play. If you’re using an Apple device, this cancels your Audible membership for iOS.

5. You’ll need to follow a few more steps to fully cancel your subscription.

How To Cancel Audible Membership On Amazon 1

How to Cancel Audible Membership On Amazon Via Desktop?

1. Login to Your Audible/Amazon Account

  • Visit the Audible website.
  •  Login with your credentials.

2. Access Account Details

  • Hover over your username on the top right corner.
  • Select ‘Account Details’ from the drop-down menu.

3. Cancel Membership

  • Look for the ‘Cancel Membership’ button and click on it.

4. Provide Cancellation Reason

  • A list of reasons will appear.
  • Choose the one that fits your situation or select ‘Other Reasons’.

5. Finalize the Cancellation

  • You might receive some offers to retain your membership based on the reason you gave.
  • If you still wish to proceed with the cancellation, click on ‘Finish Canceling’.
How To Cancel Audible Membership On Amazon 2

How to Cancel Audible Membership on Amazon via Mobile (iOS or Android)?

1. Open Browser

  • Open your preferred web browser on your mobile device.

2. Login to Your Audible Account

  •  Visit the Audible website and login.

3. Switch to Full Site

  • Tap on ‘Menu’ at the top left corner.
  • Go to ‘My Account’ > ‘View Membership Details’.
  • You won’t find the ‘Cancel Membership’ option here, so tap on ‘Full Site’ to switch to the desktop version.

4. Access Account Details

  •  Look for the ‘Account Details’ section.
  •  Follow the same steps as in the desktop version to cancel your membership.

5. Confirmation

  • You’ll get a message saying “We’re sorry to see you leave” and a confirmation email will be sent to you.


In conclusion, we hope this guide simplified the process of canceling your Audible membership on Amazon for you. Whether using a desktop, laptop, or a mobile device like an iPhone or Android, the information provided will guide you through. For those also subscribed to Amazon Prime, it would be beneficial to understand how to cancel Amazon Prime Video. Make the most of the steps mentioned to efficiently manage your Audible subscriptions.

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