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5 Best Metaverse Games to Play in 2023

Virtual space is evolving as fast as the digital world. So are you also wondering what is new and trending to try or explore in 2023? After detailed research, we list the 5 most exciting and Best Metaverse Games To Play in 2023. Here you will find their names, features, and exceptional experiences.

Best Metaverse Games to Play in 2023

1. Decentralan

Decentralized is a platform where users can generate content on their virtual land and have unique gaming experiences. Decentraland is a digital space for art, gaming and digital commerce; using its SDK (software development kit), users can build anything they imagine and earn money from it.

Users can look forward to the following things:

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  • Users can use cryptocurrency MANA in Decentraland to create and explore 3D creations and purchase different in-game items and land
  • Different users can interact on Decentraland, trade items between them and even create on each other’s land
  • Decentraland enables users to enter in events and join clans, also earn rewards through events within the game
  • Decentraland has a marketplace and SDK feature where creators can develop and monetize their own services and apps

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2. The Sandbox

The Sandbox in metaverse is a 3D voxel-based game, a virtual space where users can build and legitimize their game worlds. Users get pre-made content from ever-growing choices, which they can use to build their scenarios, levels, customizations and visionary gameplay.

  • Sandbox includes traditional ‘Creative’ mode and ‘Survival’ mode. In creative mode, users create their levels; in ‘Survival’ mode, users face challenges to finish while balancing their resources
  • Users can buy and sell their items using in-game currency or real money, including props, game assets, and models
  • Sandbox has useful tools that users can use to create gaming experiences and levels. Powerful tools include 3D landscapes, music and sound, customized character models, challenges and puzzles, and they can even program the game logic by using visual scripting
  • Users are searching for creative outlets in digital space; Sandbox is the right option for you. There are continuous updates in the game, where new content comes every month, a vast choice of content, so there is no point in getting bored and always something better to explore.

3. Somnium Space

Somnium Space is one of the Best Metaverse Games To Play in 2023, where users can create their virtual space and share it with others. All credit for its immersive and safe gaming experience goes to blockchain technology.

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  • The game is based on blockchain technology to provide a mesmeric and safe gaming experience
  • Somnium space enables users to create their virtual land and virtual world, a market where they can buy virtual items, including animals, cars, houses and more
  • Players can take part in special events, can play mini-games and earn rewards from them
  • Different range of activities in Somnium Space include racing, exploration, building and more
  • In short, a marketplace where a community of players exists to sell and buy virtual items and a safe gaming environment where a community of players can interact, create and explore virtual worlds.

4. Crypto Voxels

Crypto Voxels has a metaverse utilizing the Ethereum blockchain technology. This virtual world has factual infrastructure, including buildings, roads and parcels. Users have their parcels and they can create structures on those parcels. Ethereum can be used to buy parcels of land.

  • Crypto voxels enable the user with endless possibilities to build anything on their land. Players can build, rent, or sell their properties. They can add or detach blocks and embed video, audio and images in their properties.
  • Crypto Voxels is accessible from Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Opera. Crypto voxel uses babylon.js to give high-quality performance and in-browser playback
  • Users can even control the metaverse using a mouse and keyboard. Metaverse has 3D capacity, so you’ll get the best virtual experience if you use a VR headset.

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5. Blockchain Surfer

Blockchain Surfer brings realistic physics and full 3D graphics, enabling you to interact with other players. Here users can build their universe. This game has achieved great reviews since its launch in April 2021, with a success of 100,000 registered players worldwide. Blockchain Surfer is one of the Best Metaverse Games To Play in 2023.

  • Here users create their new planets, characters, spaceships and customization of looks and skills.
  • Users can take part in tournaments and battles for rewards. There is a trading system and a marketplace powered by Ethereum where players can sell and buy items using cryptocurrency.

But why do players buy virtual land? Does that make sense?

Creating in-game and digital assets was difficult before the rise of blockchain technology, as there was a chance of getting manipulated or destroyed easily. After blockchain technology, cases of counterfeiting and theft have been reduced significantly. That’s why if users own authentic digital assets on the blockchain, they get the safety of their assets.

Metaverse games will continue to become popular with advancing time, as they are the future of gaming. 2023 is the year of innovative and exciting metaverse games that users can play and explore in virtual space. Decentraland, Somnum Space, The Sandbox, Blockchain Surfer and Crypto Voxels are Best Metaverse Games To Play in 2023. You can go with any of these games; whatever features attract you most, go ahead, play, earn and enjoy the metaverse games.

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