The 2014 BMW M3 has proved out to be a powerful performer and is similar to its two-door M4 Coupe sibling. The test drive on racetracks has proved that both the machines are sub-four-second cars to 60 miles per hour.

2014 BMW M3 Is A Powerful Performer
Creative Commans/Juanmontero.333

The company has already launched several second-generation M3 models on the new E36 platform including a coupe, convertible and sedan.

The newly launched M3 has all-new, twin-turbocharged 3.0-liter engine, along with a forged crankshaft and a lightweight magnesium oil pan beneath its track-ready lubrication system.

 At full throttle, the car produces 18 psi over atmospheric pressure into the intake, and the new S55B30 engine designation develops 425 horsepower at 5,500 rpm and 406 pound-feet of torque starting at just 1,850 rpm.

The interior of the car is equipped with several features, including a new front fascia, flared quarter panels (front and rear), a new rear valance and a unique hood with a subtle power bulge. The company has used aluminum to manufacture the hood and doors in order to save weight. Meanwhile, the exterior of the roof is being made up of lightweight carbon fiber which results in lowering the center of gravity, the first of its kind for the M3 Sedan.

BMW has been known to manufacture vehicles that are very well-rounded – acceleration, braking and cornering are all within the same circular performance envelope. The company has maintained this legacy in the M3 Sedan as well.