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10 Best Social Media Management Apps in 2023 

Social media management is the process to analyze social media audiences and developing great content strategies essentially to engage more audiences with businesses wanting huge online reach. And a social media management tool is used to make social media management easy yet effective. In this article, learn about the 10 best social media management apps in 2023 and  make an informed and data-backed decision.

10 Best Social Media Management Apps in 2023

1. Hootsuite

Hootsuite is our preferred choice in the list of 10 best social media management apps in 2023. It is an extremely effective tool for social media management. It comes with a free trial for 30 days. After that, the subscription will cost $ 49 or more per month. Founded in 2008, it is integrated with Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, etc.

Hootsuite uses a single dashboard to create, schedule, and publish content that connects the audiences of the clients. Hootsuite can maintain a solid online presence by creating high-performing content as per the needs of the clients. It works seamlessly and collaboratively in 175+ countries with around 18 million active users.

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Hootsuite is used in leading universities in their marketing classes to teach social media. It aims to empower organizations to build deeper relationships and trust using the influence of social media.

2. Sproutsocial

It was founded by angel investor and tech guru Aaron Rankin in 2010. Its key features are automated chatbot integration, customer review management, mobile app, and social CRM. It has intuitive and powerful analysis capabilities.

It is a one-stop-shop for scheduling and managing the clients’ social media accounts. It comes with a 30-day free trial. Thereafter, users can choose packages like standard, advanced and professional. Premium solutions like employee advocacy, premium analysis, and listening are additionally available. Sprout Social is used by 30,000 customers.

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3. Buffer

Founded in 2010 in the USA, Buffer operates in 15 countries with a team of 85 members. It offers a lot of features to its users and is cheaper than most social media management tools. The price varies depending on different conditions.

It tracks and expands on top-performing content. It allows flawless real-time Google analytics integration so that the results can be analyzed effortlessly. The achievement of marketing campaigns by the clients can be tracked flawlessly.

Buffer has 73000 trusted clients including Shopify, Microsoft, The Seattle Time, Help Scout, Stripe, etc. It helps its customers to craft their brands and grow their businesses on different social media platforms.

4. Semrush

It was founded in the USA in 2008. Although it is known primarily for its SEO software platforms, it offers social media management as well. It is integrated with Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Google my business, Linked-in, etc. This tool lets users schedule and post content on various social media platforms.

It comes with a UTM builder, an image editor, and a link shortener to customize posts that users can post without delay and according to an automated schedule. Some of the features of Semrush are keyword research, social media management, local SEO, content marketing, rank tracking, market analysis, link building, paid advertising, etc.

5. Postoplan

This is an award-winning social media management tool present in 147 countries trusted by more than 50,000 clients. It allows the users to create, schedule, post, and promote content. It has a fast-powered graphics AI editor which empowers the users to create remarkable visual content. Moreover, its AI algorithm recommends the most appropriate time to upload content.

It can be integrated with Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Google my business, etc. Its features include unlimited projects, unlimited accounts, unlimited posting 24/7, a library with 2 million images, a photo editor, and integration with WordPress and Stack.

It offers a 7-day free trial and thereafter users can go for any of the three paid plans- start, pro, and agency. The basic plan starts at $ 1.9. It is available in 16 languages.

6. Zoho

Its features are quite impressive. It allows the users to have a custom dashboard, where they can have the overall view of various posts along with their performance. Additionally, they can schedule unlimited posts, create custom reports, monitor, and check media performance.

A lot of integration like desk integration, CRM integration, Canva integration, etc. are available as well. It offers a 15-day free trial and after that users can choose from four different paid plans- standard, professional, agency, and agency plus, as per requirements.

It has a very intuitive and user-friendly UI. Zoho caters to the needs of small to medium-sized organizations with advanced analytics, post scheduler, and integrated message center.

7. SharpSpring

This is a powerful yet affordable social media management app. Its special features comprise quality lead generation from the target audience, winning more customers with personalization and dynamic content, lead monitoring, and converting leads faster with leading pages and content. It is integrated with Zapier, Twitter, Google ads, Shopify, Survey Monkey, Shutter Stock, Litmus SalesForce, Forms Track, etc.

8. Reportz

It has been designed to speed up the reporting process, eliminate stress and elevate overall quality. It offers the most transparent social media reporting. Some features of Reports are free white label accounts, unlimited users, unlimited integration, and unlimited KPI inside the dashboard.

Users can go for a 15-day free trial before deciding to opt for the paid plan which starts at $ 7.59 per month. It is a simple yet highly intuitive tool designed to ensure the automation of real-time data access from multiple points. It caters to agencies, digital marketing companies, freelancers, e-commerce markets, and marketing managers.

9. Eclincher

Its key features include free commercial use of image libraries, advanced analytics, link shortener, etc. It is integrated with Linked In, Instagram, Pinterest, Google my business, Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, etc.

It caters to franchises, entrepreneurs, and small and medium businesses with services such as scheduling and publishing posts, monitoring and listening feeds, replying to audience interactions, suggested content post-approval, auto-publishing with smart queues, etc.

Users can avail 14-day free trial and then go for the paid plan which starts at $ 59 per month. It guarantees to boost ROI and grow the reach of clients, brand support, and 24/7 customer assistance.

10. BuzzSumo

This social media management tool helps to create high-performing content for clients, monitor their performance, and identify influencers. Users can increase content success and productivity by using BuzzSumo. Its key features are high content reach, content discovery, chrome extension, API, and influencer monitoring.

It is used by thousands of clients and is useful for various types of content including webinars, blogs, resources, etc. It comes with a 30-day trial and later on users can choose to go for the paid plan.


Social media is integral to the digital marketing strategy of almost all companies these days. Now with the information on the best social media management apps, one should be able to pick the most appropriate option as per requirements.

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