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10 Best iPhone Cases in 2023

Everybody who owns the latest model of iPhone must be looking for the best iPhone cases available in the market if they have not got one already. This is for the obvious reason that they want their phone to remain safe and have the required protection from accidental falls.

List of the Best iPhone Cases for Keeping your Phone Safe

Clear Case with MagSafe by Apple– This is also offered by Apple for iPhone 13. It also offers optimum protection to the premium device along with MagSafe support. This is made of polycarbonate and is scratch resistant. It is also resistant to yellowing.

This is available for Rs. 4,900 on

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Silicon Case with MagSafe from Apple– This is offered by the brand itself. It has a smooth texture with a great grip and a premium feel. This case is designed with a microfibre layer on the inside to prevent scratches. It is available in 12 different colors.

Buy this online for Rs. 4,900 from the official Apple store.

Leather Case with MagSafe from Apple– This is a more premium option from the brand. Made with real leather, it looks and feels luxurious at the same time. The leather offers a smooth texture and better grip as expected. It comes with MagSafe support and is available in five different colors.

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Get this for Rs. 5,500 from the Apple store.

Spigen Liquid Crystal Case– This is for people who like to have a minimalistic yet good quality phone case. Yellowing is a common problem with transparent cases but this being made of TPU material is resistant to yellowing.

It lets the user hold on to the premium finish and design of the iPhone 13 mini without compromising on aesthetics or quality. Being lightweight, it is very handy and does not feel heavy while being carried.

This is available for Rs. 1,199 on Amazon.

Spigen Ultra Hybrid Case– It comes with a kickstand so that the phone can be used to watch videos. It is a thin transparent case that also offers good protection. The camera, screen, and all the corners remain well protected inside this case.

Get this for Rs. 1,599 on Amazon.

ESR Clear Case– If extra protection is not required for anybody then this case can be used. It is a good quality lightweight case. Although it may not provide much protection to the phone it looks extremely sleek and thus stylish.

Buy this for Rs. 499 on Amazon.

ESR Air Armour Case– This case offers Military-Grade protection to the phone without being heavy. It comes with Air-Guard corners which offers certified drop protection in case of accidental falls.

It has a scratch-resistant clear back design to let iPhone 13 retain its premium look. For added protection, there are screen protection and camera bumps. The case offers easy access to the wireless charging support of the phone.

This case is available on Amazon for Rs. 999.

Spigen Rugged Armor– This is the ultimate case for an iPhone 13. It uses air cushion technology to offer the best protection to the device in case of bumps or accidental falls.This premium TPU silicone case gives out a carbonized look. This is a great option for people who like armor cases.

Get this for Rs. 1,299 on Amazon.

Spigen Thin Fit Case– This is a very light case with easy to press and use buttons. Its design allows for maintaining the premium look of iPhone 13. It offers a good drip for being lightweight.

Get this on Amazon for Rs. 1,299.

CASEOLOGY Spigen Vault Case– This is the best option for really clumsy people. It has in-built grips on both sides. It offers a premium in-hand feel along with incredible grip support. This tough but flexible iPhone 13 case has a single-layer rugged design.

Additionally, it has a defensive inner WaveShock pattern. In case of accidental falls, this feature lets the case absorb the shock. This case is compatible with wireless charging and offers military-grade protection.

Buy this for Rs. 1,199 on Amazon. 


Hope this article on the best iPhone cases for keeping your phone safe helps in finding the perfect case as per choice and requirements. 


1. What should I consider when choosing the best iPhone case for my needs?

When choosing an iPhone case, consider factors such as protection level, materials, design, weight, and additional features like built-in stands, wallet compartments, or battery packs. Think about your daily activities, personal style, and how you use your phone to determine the best case for you.

2. Are expensive iPhone cases always better?

 Not necessarily. While more expensive cases may offer better quality materials, design, or features, you can still find affordable cases that offer good protection and functionality. Always read reviews and research the case you’re interested in to ensure it meets your needs.

3. Is it necessary to have a screen protector with an iPhone case?

While it’s not mandatory, using a screen protector in addition to a case provides an extra layer of protection for your iPhone’s screen. This can help prevent scratches, cracks, and other damage that may occur from daily use or accidental drops.

4. Are waterproof cases necessary for iPhones?

While newer iPhones come with a level of water resistance, they are not completely waterproof. If you plan on using your iPhone around water frequently or in harsh environments, a waterproof case can provide extra protection and peace of mind. However, for most users, a regular case with good overall protection should suffice.

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