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World’s First Video Game Spacewar is Now Available on Analouge Pocket

The world’s first known video game, Spacewar, is now available on the Analouge Pocket. The Spacewar game was originally designed for the PDP-1 minicomputer back in 1962. It was then completely restored in a decade until Pong.

History of Spacewar

The Spacewar was created by a cadre of software engineers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. The cadre was led by Steve Russell. Russell along with his colleagues used a PDP-1 minicomputer and a 1024 x 1024-pixel CRT display and programmed a game in which they simulated 2 spacecraft to budge the gravitational well of a star.

Not only this, but the team also created two game controllers, featuring switches for maneuvering and some buttons for shooting the missiles.

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The game was inspired by some science fiction books that were written by E.E. Doc Smith and was developed by a cadre of MIT students. The students wished to create a space simulation video game.

As per Analouge, the first video game ever, Spacework was also the first space shooter, a two-player, versus style game that comprises of orbital mechanics and gravitational star. Also, the game was developed to be played by custom “control boxes”, these were the first video game controller ever.

Spacemen3, which is a third-party developer, used the source code from both Spacewar and the PDP- 2 computer to bring Spacewar to the Analouge Pocket.

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Mansi Gupta
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