Which is the Best Payment App in India?

best payment app in india

With India continuing to make progress in the digital field, it is not surprising to see people looking for the best payment app in India. Also, with the restrictions associated with the COVID-19 pandemic, more and more people are opting for shopping and paying online.

Why use the best payment app in India?

Convenient to pay

You can purchase anything and pay using the app conveniently. Payment apps also may help reduce the risk associated with carrying cash or cards which can be lost or stolen. Additionally, paying via a payment app is easier and faster than swiping or inserting a card.

Secure way to pay

Payment apps allow you to make the payment using your mobile phones. To protect any threat to your data, the apps use either encryption or a protected code. Also, your credit card number is neither stored on your device nor with the retailer. Your card number is masked by the system using a random number or token for each purchase. So, even if a criminal gets access to your store data or device, they get unwanted information making payment apps more secure.

For an additional layer of security, you can even add your fingerprint.

More places to pay

With more and more retailers adding the technology, a money transfer app is becoming a must now. Also, experts believe that the number of stores is expected to grow significantly in the future.

So, if you are wondering which payment app is best in India, here’s a list.

Google Pay

Formerly known as Tez, this apple from Google is fast becoming a favorite among people. Despite being a late entrant, Google has scaled up its user base and is considered to be the best payment app in India 2021.

Google Pay

You can not just send and receive money but pay bills, recharge your phone and buy online directly from your bank account. Since it is connected directly with your existing bank account, it means your money is safe with the bank. Also, you need not worry about reloading wallets and additional KYC like other apps.


Apart from being one of the largest mobile commerce platforms, PayTM is also the best secure payment app in India. Launched in 2010, the app allows you to store money and make quick payments.

The app works on a semi-closed model and has a mobile market in which a customer can load money and make payments to merchants who have tie-ups with the company. In addition to e-commerce transactions, the app can be used to make bill payments, transfer money, and avail services from the entertainment, travel, and retail industry.


An independent mobile payment network, Mobikwik connects 25 million users with 50,000 retailers and more. It allows users to add money using credit or debit cards, net banking, and even doorstep cash collection service which can be used to recharge, pay utility bills and shop at marketplaces. Additionally, for convenience, MobiKwik has partnered with grocery, restaurants, and other offline merchants.

MobiKwik also has an expense tracker which allows you to set a budget for your expenses across all payment instruments. It uses your SMS data to analyze and control spends.


PhonePe is a revolutionary app that is trusted by most Indians. It not only helps to make online payments but also recharges, order food, make online bill payments, shop, and more all in just one app.


As of November 2020, PhonePe has seen over 868.40 million transactions worth Rs.1,75,453.85 Cr.

The app also offers various rewards, offers, and cashback to the users. Its simple interface and fast online payment experience make the app one of the payment app in India.


Freecharge is yet another popular app in India that allows users to send and receive money, make bill payments and recharge their mobiles after creating BHIM UPI id and linking the bank account. Moreover, the app’s simple and easy interface makes UPI payments like a breeze.

Additionally, Freecharge allows users to invest in mutual funds, SIP investment, book movie tickets, order food, shop, and purchase travel tickets with additional discounts and cashback.


Dhani has several features and is a part of the India bulls group. In addition to being an e-wallet, it can be combined with Dhani Super Saver Card.

The app has a rewards and loyalty program for its customers which allows them to play games and win cash to pay for their mobile recharge, insurance, EMI payments, and new Dhani products. This can also be combined with its physical and virtual card- Dhani Super Saver Rupay and earn assured 5% cashback on all purchases done via the card. It is free for the first month.

Amazon Pay

Within a short period, Amazon Pay has made its presence felt in India. As of November 2020, Amazon Pay saw 37.15 million transactions in volume.

Amazon Pay

Additionally, Amazon Pay has integrated most shopping and payment gateways along with amazing cashback rewards making it immensely popular among users.


Launched by SBI, this app offers its services in 13 languages and is available for non-SBI customers as well.

Like most payment apps, Yono allows users to transfer money to other users and bank accounts, recharge, pay bills, book movie tickets, travel tickets, hotels, and shop. Additionally, the app allows users to set reminders for money transfers or dues and view the mini-statement for the transactions carried out.


One of the most popular payment apps, this government-operated app is compatible with Android and iPhone devices. BHIM is UPI-based and is great for easy money transfers.

To use the app, you have to first verify your phone number, choose a passcode for safe access to the app and select the bank you want to link the app to. It’s that simple!

By selecting the best payment app in India, you can transfer or pay money, make online bill payments and recharge your mobile instantly. These apps are safe to use and help you digitally transfer money to anyone both domestically and internationally.