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What is the Importance of the HTML DOCTYPE?

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Not everyone reading this know about the html doctype and its importance. Few might know about the html doctype, but what about the importance of this?

Here you will get to know about its significance. Before this, let us first know what html doctype is?


There is a <!DOCTYPE html> declaration before the <html> tag on the HTML document which is of great significance. HTML <!DOCTYPE> is a tag used to inform the browser about the version of HTML used in the document. DOCTYPE is short for “document type declaration”.

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DTD uses terse formal syntax; it precisely declares which elements and references appear where in the document. Not only this, but it also declares entities that may be used in instance document.

Significance of the html doctype

The code will not render correctly or validate without DOCTYPE, as these are the key component of standards-compliant web pages.

  • It enforces the browser to make supreme effort to follow the actual specifications being made in the HTML document.
  • DTD prevents browser from switching to quirks mode.
  • It helps user to identify the issues on the web applications workflows DOCTYPE is supposed to be the first thing in an HTML document, before the tag.
  • It supports both HTM/XHTML DTD.


The <!DOCTYPE html> declaration must be placed in the beginning of every HTML document. It informs the browser about the document type.

When we use HTML or other markup language, we have a set of syntax for each tag and elements.

The basic syntax is:

<!DOCTYPE html>
—Some Front End logic, codes, tags, elements—

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