With everybody going digital, payment apps have become common these days. However, what if you were to lose your phone? If you want to know how to block Google Pay account if phone is lost, we’re here to help you.

UPI offers a safe and secure way to transfer money and make payments. However, if someone else has access to your phone or your phone is stolen, they can use it to transfer money.

So, how to block Google Pay account if phone is lost?

block google pay account if phone is lost 1

Follow these steps.

1. Call on Google Pay helpline number 18004190157. Choose your preferred language.

2. Select the right option

3. Choose the option to talk to an agent. He/She will guide you to block your Google Pay account.

4. Alternatively, Android users can remote wipe their data to ensure nobody accesses your Gpay account while iOS users can erase their data remotely.

Watch this video for more information.


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