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Twitter vs Threads: 10 Features that Meta’s Threads Still Doesn’t Have

The world of social media is buzzing with the arrival of Instagram’s new feature, Threads. This comes at a time when many Twitter users are not very happy with recent changes to their favorite platform – changes that might even make them quit Twitter, which has been around for 16 years.

With Threads, Meta (the company that owns Instagram) is taking a shot at Twitter. They’re trying to use Instagram’s huge popularity to make Threads a go-to spot for sharing short, quick updates – a lot like what people do on Twitter. And it seems like they’re off to a good start. In just 7 days they have gained 109 million users, including big brands and well-known people, who started using it.

It’s clear that Threads is still being fine-tuned. It has some features similar to Twitter, which could make Instagram users feel right at home. Some people might even say that Threads does a couple of things better than Twitter already. But that doesn’t mean Threads is just like Twitter – there are quite a few differences in how you would use each of these platforms.

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Here are the 10 features that meta’s threads still don’t have. 

Let’s get started! 

10 Features That Meta’s Threads Still Don’t Have

1. Hashtag hassle

In Elon Musk’s Twitter world, hashtags make the wheel go round by creating trending topics. Sadly, Threads by Meta hasn’t jumped on this bandwagon just yet. We’ll keep an eye out for that change, as its cousins Facebook and Instagram are already old hands at it.

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2. Web woes

With Twitter, you can tweet to your heart’s content from any web browser. Threads, on the other hand, still holds on to its mobile-app-only policy. So, while you can surf to, it’s only to download the app.

3. Edit gripes

Twitter, with its recent update, lets its premium users edit their tweets. But if you make a mistake on Threads, you’re stuck with it. You either erase your post completely or write a new one. Hopefully, Threads will catch up soon since editing posts is already a feature on both Instagram and Facebook.

4. DM drama

Unlike Twitter, you can’t slide into anyone’s DMs on Threads. In fact, they’ve gone the extra mile and made it extra private with end-to-end encryption. Maybe not the best choice if you want to chat with friends privately.

5. AI alt-text

Describing an image or a video with alt text is pretty standard across most platforms, and users usually have the power to personalize it. However, Threads delegates this job to AI, which might not be ideal for those relying on screen readers.

6.Trending troubles

Twitter’s trending topics are a great way to keep tabs on what’s happening. But Threads doesn’t seem interested in this feature. In fact, Instagram’s CEO mentioned that Threads isn’t really about breaking news, so don’t hold your breath for a trending section.

7. Ad absence

Ads, or the lack thereof, is a clear difference. While Twitter is peppered with ads, Threads remains ad-free. And it seems Mark Zuckerberg plans to keep it this way unless Threads hits a user base of a billion.

8. Embedding issues

Spotted a great post on Threads that you want to share on your blog? Tough luck! As of now, there’s no way to create an embeddable post link. Twitter, in contrast, has had this feature for ages.

9. Feed facts

Unlike Twitter, which has a dedicated feed for those you follow, Threads lumps everything into one feed. So, you’ll see trending posts mixed in with posts from those you follow, with no option to segregate the two.

10. Chronology conundrum

While Twitter allows users to switch to a chronological feed, Threads sticks to a randomly generated feed. So, you’ll have to take whatever it decides to serve up at any given moment.

Threads Vs Twitter: The Ultimate Comparison      Threads
2Web VersionYesNo (App Only)
3Edit PostsYes (For Premium Users)No
4Direct Message OptionYesNo
5Alt TextCustomisableAI Generated
6Trending TopicsYesNo
8Embedded Post LinksYesNo
9Following FeedYesNo (Single Feed Only)
10Chronological FeedYes (Not Default)No (Randomly Generated Feed)


In conclusion, despite Threads’ strides, it lacks 10 notable features present in Twitter, ranging from edit options to real-time trends. These gaps shape the distinct user experiences, underlining Twitter’s robust, real-time functionality and Threads’ potential for growth. Whether Threads will emulate Twitter or forge a new path remains to be seen. As digital communication evolves, we anticipate seeing how these platforms shape their narratives in the social media landscape.

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