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Twitter To Test TikTok Copycat Feature

Twitter, a microblogging platform, has recently posted about its new feature. It will copy TikTok and is all set to test a feature TikTok has. Twitter will transform its in-app “Explore” page into a TikTok-like video feed.

The new feature is being tried out on both iOS and Android users in different countries. Recently, TikTok disclosed that it has reached 1 million active users globally. It is now the 7th app to reach this milestone.

Why is Twitter trying to be tiktok?

Twitter wants to check whether it can capitalize on TikTok’s rapid growth. Another reason behind Twitter copying TikTok is, to make the microblogging platform more interesting and explore more.

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The company says it want people to discover the best trending content. It is also a forethoughtful way to surface the content that already exists on Twitter.

Another reason is it is an effort by Twitter to personalize discoveries and recommendations across the platform.

“We’re testing out a revamped, more personalized Explore page to make it easier for you to unwind, find new interests and see what’s happening,” a Twitter spokesperson told TechCrunch.

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Twitter one-time warnings for photos, videos

Twitter is also trying out a new feature: One-time content warnings to photos and Images. The feature will allow people to flag their posts which shows Nudity, Sensitive labels, or Violence. This is to make sure users only access the content they want to see.

To access the feature, the user will need to tap on the 3 dots icon at the bottom right of the post. Doing so will warn the other users of the Nudity, or Sensitive labels in the post.

Twitter in its latest post mentioned that it totally understands that sometimes discussing the happenings of the world could also mean “sharing unsettling or sensitive content.”

Twitter has been trying out new features since the start of the year

Twitter has been trying out new features and products since the start of the year. Spaces, Tip jar and Twitter Blue are some of the newly tried features by Twitter. Spaces is Twitter’s live audio product. It has set it as the default icon at the app’s bottom navigation bar.

Twitter’s copycat features have not always worked out. Fleets was also a copied feature which didn’t work out. Fleets offered the feature of disappearing content.

But talking about the new feature that has been copied by Twitter, it may work. TikTok’s milestone has shown that people find short videos quit entertaining and engaging.

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Mansi Gupta
Mansi Gupta
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