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Tecno Announces Telescopic Macro Lens for Smartphones

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Tecno, a Chinese smartphone maker has launched a telescopic macro lens for smartphone cameras. The macro lens enhances the quality of macro shots as well as the experience of capturing them. The lens comes with a motor set on the camera module, and extends from the body of the device whenever required. This allow users to capture close-up shots even of the objects placed far away.

In comparison to other macro lenses in smartphones, it comes with larger aperture level and better image quality. Also, it has 5x optical zoom. This is not for the first time that Techno has announced an innovative technology.  Last month Techno came with a teaser of sensor shift IS technology for cameras of smartphones. 

Tecno Announces Telescopic Macro Lens 1

Earlier, Tecno Mobile launched Tecno Spark Go and Tecno Spark 8 and went official after launching its first 5G handset. The 5G handset was launched in Nigeria.

As of now, the company didn’t give any specific details about the camera. Techno has not even announced the exact date of when the smartphone with new telescopic lens will be launched.  However, it is expected to be launched by the end of this year.

Official teaser video

Techno claims that the design of the lens is quite compact and doesn’t require much space.

Tecno has said that the design is quite compact and doesn’t need too much space, although specifics were not provided. Also, Tecno has recently announced its partnership with Samsung. This was done to Bring RGBW shooters in the upcoming devices.

In addition to this, Tecno is also working on the launch of its first Android phone with Sensor-shift image stabilization. With this Sensor-shift technology, the sensor on the device moves rather than the camera lens. For now, only iPhone 12 Pro Max and the iPhone 13 series has sensor shift image stabilization.

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