Nokia Lumia 920 Saves A Man’s Life In China

Surface Pen and Iris scanner to take Microsoft Lumia 950 XL to new heights

We all have come across many jokes which say that mobile phones made by Nokia are indestructible. A recent incident took place in China where a man was buried under a wall after the wall got hit by a long steel bar.  The man who survived this horrendous accident stated that he used his Nokia Lumia 920 as a shield to protect his head from the debris. He also stated that it was because of his Nokia device that he did not suffer any major injuries on the head. The victim of this accident while addressing the reports also said that when the wall started falling, his Nokia mobile phone was still in his hand and he put it up on his head in order to protect his head from the falling debris of the wall. We all might wonder how the hell a mobile device can save a man’s [+more]

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3,000 Cyan Nokia Lumia 920 Pre-Orders in One Hour On Chinese Retailer

We knew Nokia had met with quite a bit of success with the Lumia 920, but this one’s completely unexpected. According to a tweet by Chinese retailer, the site received 3,000 pre-orders for the high-end Cyan colored Lumia 920 smartphone. The first batch has already been sold out but the site is still offering the Cyan Lumia 920. The lucky customers who pre-ordered the first batch of handsets are expected to receive delivery of their phones by the 25th of February. The unlocked Lumia 920 is selling at a price of 4599 Yuan or USD 738. You can also purchase the phone free with a two-year contract with Unicom. So, are you also among the ones pining for a Cyan colored Lumia 920? Check out the site soon and place your order.

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