Windows 10 May Arrive This August With Edge Browser

Windows 10 is in the making and preview mode for long. After rumors of a July release and then a September release, we have news that the OS might step in the town this August, according to Newegg, a computer retailer. Better news is that it could be free of cost for all existing users of Windows 8.1 and Windows 7 users. The same applies to Windows 8.1 users for smartphones as well. Come august 31 and interested users can buy the OS pack for $US109.99, says Newegg on its website.

Microsoft 10 Might Arrive This August With Edge Browser, Says Comp Retailer NeweggerOn the drab end, we did not find the product on the website when we box searched using the term Windows 10.

There has been no official line from maker Microsoft on this development after it told PC World that a summer release for the latest operating system is underway. The official statement from the giant is — “We look forward to sharing more details about how the upgrade will be offered at a later date.”  The maker is playing safely since the Windows 8 debacle.  

Microsoft plans to set things right with hands-on specs such as Microsoft Edge browser and developer tools on the latest system.

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Microsoft’s Windows 10 Technical Preview Reveals Spartan And IE 11 Browser

We brought you news about the Windows 10 Technical Preview sometime back. Microsoft has finally released the same to the Windows Insider users last week. Latest buzz focuses on the Microsoft Spartan browser for smartphones. However, this Spartan version is still in its nascent stage. There are still certain issues around stability and more de-bugging needed before the preview is sealed.

Microsoft’s Windows 10 Technical Preview Reveals Spartan What caught our fancy was the build 10051 bit of the Technical Preview. This allows addition of a partition stitching spec. With this feature, the Preview will be able to run on most Lumia handsets. However, owing to issues of screen scaling, the Preview will not be supported on the Lumia 640 Xl, Lumia 930 and the Lumia Icon.

Microsoft is also working on a better Internet Explorer version—IE 11 besides the Spartan. While the latter will be the default browser, users can always access the IE from the Start Menu itself. Other  new specifications that Microsoft has promised in its Build preview are-

  • New Outlook Mail App and
  • Revamped Outlook Calendar
  • Connectivity to Office 365 and Gmail, Yahoo and similar accounts
  • New Messaging App
  • Quick Call access button

Besides new features, the maker has improvised the Cortana resolution, keyboard placement, Microsoft Band Sync and photo app. Top issues that Microsoft is working on are Camera Roll auto uploads Office Hub removal, Cortana-Bluetooth interaction and SD card app launches.

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Microsoft Windows 10 Preview Build Hints At Improved Interface, Better Browser

Windows has proven to be Microsoft’s trump card. Just after the giant rolled out the initial build for Microsoft Windows 10 on phones, the technical Microsoft Windows 10 preview build is also set to roll out.  According to a Windows Blog, this build 10051 is part of project Spartan that is built into the OS.

Microsoft Unveils Windows 10 Preview BuildIn case you own a Lumia handset—sparing Lumia 290 and Lumia 640 XL, the preview build can be accessed without much effort. As for these two Lumia model mentioned, the hiccup standing in way of the preview build is the screen dialling issue.

However, before you get disheartened, the better news is that the preview build is in its infant stage and thus, not expected to be a high-end experience for the users at all. Insiders have warned users to avoid installing the same on their primary smartphones.

Coming to the main features that the build hints at, we have the IE 11. Microsoft has kept its promise to allow non-HTML 5 sites to open up on the browser! Perhaps this can cut down on the flak Internet Explorer has garnered up over the last years.

In addition, the preview build promises to give users access to Outlook Calendar app and a brand new Outlook Mail. The latter is touted to include responsive gesture based features. Besides these new headways, the preview build hints that the SMS and phone applications will see a huge change in terms of design interface as well. Also, the messaging window will see an instant call icon.

Before you get too excited, you need to know that nothing has been finalized and these are just experimental ideas. You may access the Preview but choose stick to the good ol’ Windows 8.1 version in case you are not happy enough to upgrade!

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Security Flaw in Firefox 16 Detected, Mozilla Puts a Temporary Stop

Bug in Firefox 16 security fixedMozilla on Wednesday put a temporary stop to its Firefox 16- the latest version after noticing some susceptibility in its security. The problem, which revolves around its latest version of the browser, allows an attacker to view a user’s browsing history.

As soon as the threat was detected, Mozilla removed Firefox 16 from the current Firefox installer page.

In its blog post, Mozilla promised a patched version soon to all those who upgraded.

Version 15.0.1 was up-to-date and unaffected by the bug.

On clearing its stance, Mozilla said it is “actively working on a fix” and plans to ship an update anytime soon.

According to Mozilla, “The vulnerability could allow a malicious site to potentially determine which websites users have visited and have access to the URL or URL parameters.”

Firefox 16 was launched on Monday. The focus of update was on new developer tools, including a developer command line.

For mobile devices, Firefox for Android came out with Reader Mode, for easy viewing, reading and sharing of articles and stories from mobile phone or tablet.

However, Mozilla has already rolled out a fix for the Firefox 16 bug, which users can download from their site via the rest

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Yahoo! Axis: Do We Need Another Browser?

Yahoo has consistently been in the news of late, though not for really good reasons. Hell-bent on putting all the negative publicity behind it, Yahoo has recently launched a new browser, the Axis, as a plug-in for PCs and as an app for iOS. Now the obvious question that’s on everybody’s mind is, do we really need a new browser? Internet users are already spoilt for choice, thanks to Firefox, Opera, and the latest Google Chrome offerings. So what makes Yahoo’s Axis stand out from the crowd?

Yahoo! Axis promises to be more search-oriented than the already existing browsers, and is aimed at making even mobile browsing far more interactive. Axis might signal the end of search results returned in the link format, providing users with previews of pages that feature relevant information for their queries. With the Axis, all you need to do is swipe from one result page to another, or pull down a strip of multiple preview pages.

Sign in using your Yahoo, Google or even Facebook account and let Axis sync your search and bookmark information across your numerous devices, from PCs to iPads, to iPhones. Once you log in, the homepage features 3 sections – Read Later, My Favorites, and Continue from device. When you begin typing into the search box, it automatically lists out trending topics as suggestions and once the results are displayed, you can move from one result to the next with just a swipe – swiping left takes you to the previous result and swiping right brings on the next in the list. The Axis features a wonderfully intuitive interface which is fun to use.

Add new bookmarks to either of the sections – Read Later or My Favorites, and re-order them by holding down a bookmark and dragging it up or down the list. Tabs on the Axis feature large thumbnail previews of the pages tabbed and can be accessed from the bottom right of the main screen. Axis syncs not only your searches and bookmarks across your multiple devices but also brings your devices up to speed on pages being browsed using your PC, featuring this information within the Continue from device section. This feature lets you browse seamlessly across multiple devices and is by far, one of the coolest things about the Yahoo Axis. The Axis app is more social than the desktop plug-in option, letting you share pages you browse through e-mail, Pinterest and Twitter.

The Yahoo Axis is fairly new on the block but has managed to become the second-most popular free download from the iTunes app store within a day of its release. However, life is not all rosy with the Axis, specially the desktop plug-in feature. When you install it on your PC, it considerably slows down the performance of Internet Explorer 9. While the Axis app works quite well on the iPad, using it on the iPhone can be a bit of a challenge due to the display issues on the smaller screen, showing up dark images for results pages with jumbled text. However, we are hoping that Yahoo manages to fix these issues soon, as it rolls out Axis for Android, Blackberry and Windows phones.… Read the rest

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