Flipkart Says No To Airtel Zero; Supports Net Neutrality

flipkart backs out of airtel zero for net neutralityFollowing the social media stir on Net Neutrality over the last few days and 3 lakh emails being sent out to TRAI, Flipkart announced today that they have pulled out of the Airtel Zero platform.

In an official statement, Flipkart said that they are walking away from the on-going discussions with Airtel for the Airtel Zero platform. The statement also added that they commit themselves to the larger cause of Net Neutrality in India.

This has come following the massive debate about Net Neutrality that has been haunting Indian online space for the last few days. All India Bakchod also launched a video to Save The Internet claiming that the internet means all content in equal and it should be the choice of the user, what content it is that they want to see.

Flipkart was in the heat of the debate because of their discussions with Airtel. After 1.5 lakh emails were sent to TRAI yesterday, the issue has come to the forefront and Net Neutrality has become a much discussed issue. Flipkart app was also voted down on app stores yesterday.

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Airtel Launches Pocket TV App

airtel pocket tv appBharti Airtel has announced the introduction of a new mobile application, which is known as the Airtel Pocket TV for digital television subscribers. This application is known to be available in the form of a free download on Google play store for such devices that run on Android 2.1 and above. The iOS version is also known to arrive soon. Initially, the company had only the application for the sake of scheduling of the recording on the set top boxes. But now, it will be replaced by Airtel Pocket TV app.

According to Airtel, subscribers will be able to watch live content and also their preferred television programs easily on the go with the help of this application. This is just the thing you can carry when you travel.

Airtel Pocket TV will be equipped with more than 150 live television channels and it offers more than 10,000 hours of video. The earlier episodes can be easily watched of more than 13 channels. For existing Airtel Digital TV subscribers, this service is available at Rs.60 every month. After installing the application, users will have to activate the service plan by sending an SMS to 54325 from their registered cell phone number.

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