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Smartphone App that Can Screen People for Neurological Conditions

Researchers at the University of California San Diego have developed an app for smartphones that can screen users for Alzheimer’s disease, ADHDM, and other neurological conditions. The screening will be done just by taking close-up pictures of eyes using the app.

The findings of the researchers will be presented at the ACM Computer-Human Interaction Conference.

How does the app work?

The newly designed app uses a near-infrared camera which is used for facial recognition, along with a regular selfie camera which helps to keep a track of how an individual’s pupil changes in size.

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In a press release published on April 29, the researchers said that measurements of pupil can be used to evaluate the cognitive condition of a person.

Smartphone App that Can Screen People for Neurological Conditions 1

First author Colin Barry said that while there is a lot of work to do, he is excited about the capability of using the technology to make it possible to do neurological screening just by sitting at home and not going to the clinical lab. He also hopes to see more such inventions that could help to detect and monitor health issues at an earlier stage.

A psychiatry professor at UC San Diego School of Medicine, Eric Granholm, said that the app can also be used for larger community screenings. Also, the app is minimally inexpensive and invasive.

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The app is user-friendly for older adults

Colin Barry also made it clear that the most important part of advancement in technology is to make sure the solutions are usable by everyone. This especially includes individuals like older adults who are not used to smartphones.

Taking this point into consideration, the app is developed in such a way that it includes voice commands, image-based instructions, and a cheap plastic scope to direct the user on how to place their eye within the view of the smartphone’s camera.

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