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Simple Methods to Block Ads on MX Player 

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MX Player is an application which includes a lot of movies, TV shows, web series and short videos etc. MX player has its original content which makes it more fascinating. 

With the emergence of different entertainment apps, MX Player has still marked its popularity as an OTT platform.

 One can download this app for free as it makes money through advertisements. However, these ads are a spoilsport for MX Player users. Thankfully, there are different methods which can block ads on MX Player to have break-free streaming. 

Read further as the article throws light upon ways to block ads on MX Player. 

Upgrade to pro version 

Several people perceive MX Player to be a free service since installing it from Google Play is free. Nevertheless, it is essential to mention that nothing comes for free. And this is especially applicable with applications for smart devices. 

Just that a particular app is free doesn’t mean one won’t pay for it in some manner or the other. The most typical approach to earn is that an app serves advertisements. MX Player is no different. After all, the firm that creates it has to make money. 

But many people are unaware that there is a Pro version of MX Player. It is designed particularly to be ad-free. One can view their  favourite content without interference after purchasing and installing this version of MX Player. 

To authenticate that you are getting the ad-free version, search for “MX Player Pro” in the preferred app store. Although this version of MX Player does cost money, admittedly, the fee is only US$5.99. 

Remove Ads from MX Player 3

Many people will undoubtedly find this modest fee to be well worth it, as it will allow one to continue using MX Player ad-free while also supporting the app’s developers. Ultimately, acquiring MX Player Pro is a win-win situation for sure. 

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Use MX Player Pro Mod Apk

In case you want to block ads on MX Player and do not prefer purchasing the Pro version of MX Player, here’s a trick. You can get a third-party application called MX Player Pro Mod. Downloading this modded application is free. 

The drawback with using MX Player Pro Mod is that you will not get fresh content. The fresh content will not be available until the mod is updated. Additional concern is that MX Player Pro oftenly incorporates malware and adware that might harm devices.

Remove Ads from MX Player 4

To be safe, it is usually preferable to avoid MX Player Pro Mod. It is also inadmissible to use premium versions of applications for free.

Use ad blockers 

Regardless of the fact that the developers have made MX Player Pro ad-free, other devious apps can take over your device and encode advertisements. Google Play, as well as other app stores for Android, are brimming with such apps.

 This is particularly the case of so many “free” games available. These not only display advertisements while in use but can also cause various interruptions. Here, ad blocking apps come to the rescue. These apps completely remove all of those super-annoying advertising from your smartphone or tablet without having to perform any complex hacks. 

These apps aim to block any and all advertising that occurs in smartphones, whether they are native to an app or injected by other malicious apps. Furthermore, such apps protect your private data by detecting and blocking any dangerous URLs or programmes that may have been installed unintentionally.

In a nutshell, there are numerous advantages to these apps. It will not only block ads on MX Player, but will enhance overall experience and keep the device safe. Some of the best ad blocker apps are being mentioned below.

  • AdAway 
  • Adblock Plus 
  • AdGuard 
  • AdLock
  • Block This 

Deactivate MX Player’s Foreground Data

If you’re wondering how to block ads on MX Player without purchasing an app, you’re in luck. However, remember that one has to root the device. Any application could be installed after rooting the device.. It automatically removes some of the Android operating system’s built-in safeguards.

Once you’ve rooted the device, go to the Google Play Store and install an app such as DroidWall. Launch the app, locate “MX Player” in the list of apps installed, and afterwards block all data access, that should fully prevent the app from receiving any adverts.

Reduce background data of MX Player 

You can significantly reduce the number of ads in MX Player by reducing its use of background data. Everyone comprehends that advertisements appear when one connects to the Internet.

Though this solution is not ideal and does not function as ad blocking, it will significantly reduce the app’s data usage, hence reducing the quantity of ads placed onto MX Player.

Here’s how to go about it 

  • Navigate to “Settings” on the device.
  • Select “Data usage” from the menu.
  • Click and select the MX Player.
  • Click the “Restrict App Background Data” toggle to the enabled setting.
Remove Ads from MX Player 2

Remove Ads by Changing the DNS

One can minimise the advertising pressure produced by marketers by adjusting the private DNS settings on the Android smartphone.

 In order to do so follow the following steps 

  • Head to “Settings”.
  • Select “Network and Internet,” then “Advanced.”
Remove Ads from MX Player 1
  • Click “Private DNS” from the menu.
  • “Private DNS Provider Hostname” should be selected.
  • Copy and paste DNS1 DNS2 OR us.adhole.org
  • Tap “Save.”

This method will not entirely block ads on MX Player. In order to eliminate all advertisements, one must consider installing a trusted ad blocker. 

 Final words 

There are several methods to transform MX Player into a full-featured video streaming platform. Opting for the pro version could solve the problem. However, ad blockers and other ways also serve the purpose. Now you know how to block ads on MX Player and have an exclusive experience. 

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