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SECURITY ALERT! Is Your Google Chrome at Risk, Check Details Here

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If you are a Google Chrome user, then this news is for you.

The Indian Computer Emergency Response Team has warned the users of Google Chrome browser. CERT-In is a part of the Indian government’s Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology, who issued a ‘high severity’ warning to the users of Chrome.

Report affirms, Google Chrome browser has been identified with many vulnerabilities in different terms. This has increased the risk of cyber attacks on a user’s system.  The attackers can execute arbitrary code and can have access to anyone’s personal computer.

google chrome warning 2

The link below will redirect you to an article for a deeper study of the vulnerability.

Link: https://www.techthirsty.com/log4j-vulnerability-a-big-threat-to-service-products/

Users who are under ‘high severity’ warning

As per the information, everyone is at risk. But the warning should be taken seriously by the users of:

  • Android 9
  • Android 10
  • Android 11
  • Android 12

Along with these, Windows and Linux users using Chrome to browse should be aware as well.

Reason of vulnerabilities on Android

The vulnerability on Android is a result of flaws in the Media Codec and Media Framework components in Google Play system updates, Qualcomm components, system components, kernel components, Framework components, Qualcomm closed-source components and MediaTek components.

Reason of vulnerabilities in Google Chrome

Advisory stated the reason behind vulnerability in Chrome is Type confusion in V8, use after free in web apps, screen capture, window manger, BfCache and Angle etc.

How to avoid the risk of vulnerability

Google and the government have come up with a way to fix these vulnerabilities. Both of them have advised to update the Google Chrome browser to the latest version.

google chrome warning 1

Google has updated the Chrome stable channel to 96.0.4664.93 for Mac, Linux, and Windows which is for all users. The older version of the browser has more possibilities of getting attacked by the hackers.

If the hackers will have access to your computers, they can easily take out your personal data and destroy your important files.

Below are the ways that will help you update the browser.

How to update Google Chrome on PC

  1. Open your Google Chrome Browser
  2. After that go to setting
  • Setting option will be at top-right corner under the 3 dots
  • Look for ‘About Chrome’ in settings
  • Once you click on it your Google Chrome browser will be automatically updated
  • ‘Relaunch’ the Google Chrome, it will reopen after being closed for a while

To check the version of Google Chrome browser just click on the 3 dots > Go to help> then about Google chrome.

Know how to find whether your computer is at risk

Symptoms of Malware

  • Your web browser and computer will slow down
  • There is frequent crashing and freezing
  • A lot of copies of your files and images
  • There are deleted and modified files
  • Programs run without your instructions
  • Programs shut down without your instruction
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