Restore Deleted Instagram Post with This New Feature

Restore Deleted Instagram Post 3

Accidently deleted your favourite Instagram post? Fret not! The widely used social networking app has finally rolled out a feature that lets you restore a deleted Instagram post back to the timeline. The all new ‘Recently Deleted’ feature allows retrieving deleted media within 30 days.

The new feature has been introduced to keep the account secure from those gaining unauthorized access to your account and deleting content. It is the latest addition to the list of features the Facebook-owned app has launched to improve user experience.

Restore Deleted Instagram Post

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How to Restore Deleted Post on Instagram

The process to restore deleted Instagram post is very simple. Earlier, a post once deleted was gone forever. Paying heed to the requests of users, the company finally announced the ‘Recently Deleted’ feature. Here is how to get back a post deleted on Instagram using the same:

Step 1.Open your Instagram account and go to the ‘Profile’ tab.

Step 2.Hit the three vertical lines in the top right corner to open the Menu.

Step 3.Open Settings, then go to ‘Account’ and scroll down to open ‘Recently Deleted’.

Step 4.Here you will find all the deleted videos, pictures, stories, etc. Click on the ‘Restore’ option to get back the post in your profile.

All You Need to Know About the ‘Recently Deleted’ Feature

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We have answered some burning questions relating to this new feature on Instagram. Check them out below.

What can be retrieved?

Pictures, stories, reels, videos and IGTV videos can be retrieved. These can also be archived in case you don’t wish to see them back in the profile but want to save them for memories.

For how long does the content stay in the ‘Recently Deleted’ folder?

The deleted media is stored in the ‘Recently Deleted’ section only for 30 days post which it is permanently removed from Instagram. You have only that much period to restore it back into your profile. For stories that are deleted but not archived, the time period available for recovery is 24 hours.

How does the feature make the account secure?

While you can restore a deleted Instagram post, you can also manually remove it permanently from your account. Whatever action you take, you will have to confirm ownership of the Instagram account through SMS or email.

Smartphone users are already aware of this feature as it is similar to the Recently Deleted option in the Photos app. But on Instagram, it comes with an added layer of security.

Which platforms support this feature?

The ‘Recently Deleted’ feature is being launched on both Android and iOS platforms in a phased manner. To check whether your phone has access to this feature, update the app to the latest version from the Play Store or App Store.

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Ways to Archive Instagram Posts

Instead of deleting a post, it is always better to archive it to hide it from the timeline. The ‘Archive’ feature allows you to restore the post back to its original date whenever you want. To archive a post, open the Instagram post you wish to archive and tap on the three dots on the top right corner. Then click on ‘Archive’ to add it to the list.

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For restoring the post, open the Menu and click on ‘Archive’. Click on the ‘Stories Archive’ tab present on the top to open the drop-down menu. This will encompass the ‘Stories Archive’, ‘Posts Archive’ and ‘Live Archive’ options. Tap on ‘Posts Archive’ to see all the archived posts and open the one that you wish to restore. Click on the three dots again and select ‘Show on Profile’.

You can also enable the ‘Save to Archive’ feature available in Settings to automatically save the posts to the Instagram archive. This will maintain a repository of all the posts created and added to the timeline. The best part of the Archive feature is that it recovers the post in the exact same way as it was originally posted with all the comments and likes.

Also, whenever you post a photo or video, Instagram creates a folder in your phone’s gallery and saves all the content there. This means that even if you delete the post on Instagram, you will still have the photo or video saved in your phone.