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Reset Windows 11 Without Losing Data

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It is not a big deal to reset Windows 11 without losing data. Windows offers that option to you, along with another option of remove everything (if you don’t want your data back). After a certain period of using any electrical gadget, it starts slowing down, showing issues with the execution, so it is normal for your PC for troubling you after a long period of usage. Resetting your Windows removes these troubles very easily, for that step-by-step guide is mentioned below. Keep reading to follow these steps.

General reasons to Reset Windows PC

• Maybe your PC has corrupted system files, causing issues. (Major reason for the fraught functioning of the PC)

• Maybe you want to restore your PC to its factory settings (Because you have collected so much garbage in your PC)

• Maybe you are having issues with your PC while working on it. (It is usual after a certain period of usage)

Reset Windows 11 Without Losing Data 1

Keep these things in mind before you Reset your PC

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• Do not interrupt the Resetting process once you started (it will leave your computer in an unstable state without an operating system or applications which were originally installed by your PC manufacturer)

• Back up your files before resetting (because resetting wipes all the personal files from hard drive). You can use Windows backup utility via Control Panel or apps such as Google backup and sync, Paragon backup and recovery.

• Resetting Your Windows to factory settings will remove all your installed apps, files, and drives from your PC. So if you are ready for that then follow the further steps to reset Windows 11 without losing data.

Remove files and clean the drive takes longer time than Keep my files Option. If you do not want to lose your data and also save your time than choose second option.

Steps to Reset Windows 11 without losing Data

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Step 1: Go to the settings application on your Windows by

  • Clicking on the Start menu (or Win + 1)
  • Tap on the Settings
  • Go to the systems

Step 2: Afterward, click on the System, scroll down and choose Recovery.

Step 3: Reset this PC will be shown on the screen. Click on Reset PC

Reset Windows 11 Without Losing Data 2

Step 4: Once you click Reset PC, Screen will ask you to either Keep My Files or Remove Everything.

• Now as you do not want to lose your data, so choose to keep my files

• It’ll remove apps and settings but retain personal files.

Step 5: Then the PC will ask, How do You Want To Reinstall your Windows.

  • Local reinstall: This way Windows 11 Resets and reinstall using Windows recovery Files on your PC.
  • Cloud reinstall: (better option)

Note: Not suitable for users with slower or limited internet.

It will download a fresh copy of Windows 11 from the Microsoft Server. (This option is better in case you have corrupted system files, you only need to have a strong internet connection).

Step 6: The screen will show Additional Settings

In this step ensure that the PC is showing you selected settings.

Step 7: Now, you can proceed by clicking Next.

Step 8: Review your settings and Click on Reset and then Reset will start.

In case you choose cloud download, it will consume your 4GB of data

And generally the whole process takes 20-30 minutes Because it will download the latest copy of Windows 11 from Microsoft.

Otherwise, reinstallation time also depends on System hardware, how much RAM you have, Driver installation and Windows updates.

Note: Your PC may restart many times during the process. So, wait patiently and plug your PC into a power source during installation.

As you chose Reset with Keep My Files

So, It will

  • Keep your photos, music, videos or personal files in your drive.
  • Reset any changes into your factory settings
  • Remove apps and drivers you installed

Catchup with the apps removed during Reset

No one remembers all the list of apps they had installed in their PC. But not to worry, Windows did that work for you.

  • Go to the Removed App HTML file on your desktop
  • Open it on your browser
  • Easily find the apps and programs removed during the Resetting process.
  • You can re-download according to your priority.

Check for missing drivers

  • Go to the Start
  • Search for Device Manager and click the first result to open the app
  • If there is a branch name Other devices, then don’t choose it has devices without drivers.

In another case, if you choose to Remove Everything

Not applicable if you want to reset Windows 11 without losing data.

• This resetting process will remove all your installed apps along with the personal files.

• This option is best if you are preparing your computer for sale (In this case after resetting you don’t have to reinstall anything).

In simple words, factory reset to default setting is what is usually required. Because in this option you Reset Windows 11 without losing data. And not everyone wants to sell their PC or lose their data and then begin from the beginning. So, Reset with Keep My Files option is enough to remove your PC related issues.

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