Reliance Jio launched a new JioPages web browser on Wednesday. The leading telecomm giant stated that the new “Made in India” browser has been developed with keeping privacy at its core. Additional it will also offer language support to eight Indian languages to promote regional content in the country. Here’s a quick look at its various features and why you should try out the new Jio Page browser.

Key Features of JioPages browser

  • Chromium Blink engine
  • Enhanced personalization
  • Regional Language Support
  • Password protected Incognito Mode
  • Advanced downloads manager
  • Ad Blocker

Beginning with its development, Jio Page browser has been built on the Chromium Blink engine. The firm has claimed, “It provides enhanced browsing experience through faster engine migration, webpage rendering, faster page loads, efficient media streaming, Emoji domain support and encrypted connection.”

However, as you switch to the new web browser, you don’t need to let go of your preferred search engine.  Jio page web browser allows you to select either of the popular search engines including Bing, Google, Yahoo, MSN or Duck DuckGoas your default search engine.


Additionally, you can also pin your favorite websites on the home screen for faster access. Users also get to choose their own background theme color for a better experience as well as Dark mode for eye-friendly viewing experience in case of dim lights or night time.

Furthermore, JioPages users can also personalize their content feed in terms of region, language and topic. It will also allow users to select particular topics of interest to customize notifications. The new Jio browser also lets you select your native/preferred state to further personalize its regional content suggestions. Moreover, it will offer language support for various regional languages including Hindi, Bengali, Tamil, Telugu, Marathi, Malayalam, Kannada and Gujarati, besides English.

Its additional perks will further include Informative Cards featuring key numbers, symbols, trends, and headlines on a given topic. For instance, these quick info cards may display cricket scores, commodity prices, stock market trends, etc. as compact clickable banners on the browser screen.

Its advanced Download Manager also facilitates file management by categorizing downloads on the basis of file types such as documents, images and videos. Notably, JioPages also come with the option to add four-digit security PIN or fingerprint to access Incognito Mode on the new browser.

Packing it with a basic but necessary browser feature, Reliance JioPages offer you a seamless browsing experience by allowing you the option to block unsolicited ads and popups on the web browser.

Downloading the new Reliance JioPages web browser

If you are wandering, how to download the JioPages browser; you simply visit your Play Store to download and install the browser app. However, the new Reliance web browser is currently limited to Android smartphones only. Also, sharehow you liked the new Jio browser in the comments below.