PUBG Battleground Mobile India Pre-Registration Date Unclear

battleground mobile india pre registration

Gamers and players in India are eagerly waiting to check out pre-registration, release date & new rules to play the PUBG that is likely to be exclusive to Indian gamers. Over the last few days, PUBG Mobile fans feel rewarded with news of its revival in India. PUBG is now coming to India as PUBG Battleground Mobile India.

After 8 months, it is finally time for PUBG to come to India. However, it coming to India as PUBG Battleground Mobile India. With this, PUBG will have exclusive features like events and outfits. Other features include an esports ecosystem with tournaments and leagues. However, what is awaited is the official release date of PUBG.

Gemwire also revealed that PUBG Mobile India has been working on a new thumbnail for an upcoming teaser video, which is related to the game’s prelaunch in India. The thumbnail featured the name PUBG Mobile India with a latest coming soon message.

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The official website URL & the Facebook Handle have been changed to Battlegrounds Mobile India. Battleground mobile India pre registration is the most curious topic nowadays.

Today, PUBG Mobile India has removed all the old videos from the official YouTube channel. It’s an amazing thing that this channel still has over 2 Million subscribers. The channel was also renamed to Battleground Mobile India.

Now, using a new blog post on their official website, they have confirmed the exclusive Indian version which in is coming soon. Although, the blog post has got some useful information about the upcoming game. It hasn’t mentioned an exact release date. So we’re not sure about

On LinkedIn, the Publishing Head of Krafton Inc. shared the link of the official “Battlegrounds Mobile India” website. All Terms & Privacy Policies of the game have been updated.

Recently, the old website of PUBG Mobile India went offline, while the new Battlegrounds Mobile India is still in the spotlight.

Battlegrounds Mobile India Release date: When will it get actually launched?

According to PUBG top gamers, the fan-favourite battle royale game is expected to be available anytime now. Some members of the community have reported that the game will be available for us in the month of June. Still, there has been not any official announcement by Krafton yet.

Battlegrounds Mobile India Pre-registration.

It has now been confirmed that the game is to have Pre-Registration before its official launch which will be limited to Indian regions only. The Pre-Registration link will be available on their official website once the link goes live. It is expected that this Pre-registration will begin between mid-may & the start of June.

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What are the differences between PUBG Battlegrounds Mobile India vs PUBG Mobile India? Is PUBG Battleground Mobile no is really an alternative for PUBG?

Before registering we need to know the basic difference.

Difference 1: India-specific content

Game developers have recently revealed that Battlegrounds Mobile India would feature significant in-game changes that will reflect “local needs” by making the game more relatable for Indian players. PUBG Mobile has catered the global audience until now and hence usually had more global content.

Difference 2: New costumes and characters which will be exclusive to India

Moreover, there might be more clothing on these characters, which again will be in line with Krafton’s India-centric game content approach for the viewers.

Difference 3: New Safety Policies

The game publisher has found to be  busy in making new and better arrangements to maximize data security for all of the players and adhere to the local regulations. All this has been done to avoid any possibility of getting banned in the future as the game has also been accused of being explicit & violent for young minds in previous days.

Krafton has now updated its terms & conditions that includes the players to provide the phone numbers of their parents for more safety. Plus, all the players under 18 years of age will be allowed to play the game for a maximum of 3 hours a day only to make a margin on the exposure of this game.

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