How the Bitcoin is Affecting Economies

In case you are still confused about this one, Bitcoin is a crypto currency that is not physically tangible. It can be considered a new kind of money that comes with a highly innovative payment network. ‘Crypto’ for Bitcoin refers to the use of codes and protocols to establish secure … Read the rest

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Swipe and Scroll But Not on A Phone

Perhaps the most addictive class of technology devices, smartphones have become an extension of our arms in today’s time and age. A research titled Cell-Phone Addiction: A Review shows that the need to hold and scroll through a phone is now an addictive behavior, and not only because they
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All That Glitters is Rose Gold

When Apple launched its Rose Gold Apple Watch priced at $ 10,000 plus, a new colour trend came into being. Warmer than white gold and cooler than yellow gold rose gold is a fancy name for something that is little more than a pale metallic pink. ‘Rose’ gold sounds ~dainty~ … Read the rest

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