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Nokia Lumia 1020 Vs Google Nexus 5: Which Is A Better Gift This Christmas?

nokia lumia 625 vs samsung galaxy note 3 vs iphone phabletIf you are looking forward to make a choice between Nokia 1020 and Google Nexus 5 for this Christmas, then the specs of both the phone will make your decision easier

Speaking about the dimension, Lumia 1020 is smaller but broader with dimension of 130.4 x 71.4x 10.4mm and Nexus 5 is 137.9mm x 69.2 x 8.6mm. While Lumia 1020 weighs 158gms, Nexus 5 is 130gms.

Lumia 1020 gains fame due to its round black camera bloating from the back side, it signifies the 41MP camera and Nexus 5 has a sleek and thin body radiating the phone of the latest technology.

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Screen and Display

Nexus 5 sports a wide screen of 4.5 inch in comparison to Lumia’s 1020 4.5inch display. The piel resolution of Nexus 5 is higher with 1920 x 1080 pixels in comparison to Lumia 1020 with 1280 x 768 pixels. Regardless of the big difference, Lumia offers shaper and crisper images.


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For multi-tasking, app downloading and intense gaming, you can go for 2.26GHz quad core CPU of Nexus 5 and for smart texting, light internet surging and video calling, Lumia 1020’s 1.5GHz dual core CPU is great.


If you loving photography, then the grand camera of 41MP of Lumia 1020 is great for you in comparison to 8MP camera of Nexus 5. Get better images and bideo quality with high resolution sensor and manual controlling.

Battery Life

Nexus 5 boasts of 2300mAh offering 17 hours of talktime and Lumia 1020 comes with 2000mAh battery offering 13.3 hours talktime

Price range

Regardless of better specs, Nexus 5 appears to be cheaper and is available in price range of $474 to $599 while Nokia Lumia 1020 is tagged in a price range of $500 to $710


Nexus5 is better in performance, display and batter and priced at a cheaper rate. However for photography fanatics Lumia 1020 is a better buy.


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