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New Tools for Facebook Group Admins in 2023

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Owned Facebook has recently announced new tools for Facebook group admins. In this era of content and information monetization, it is so obvious for some creators to spread misinformation for the sake of money and popularity. Now, if admins try to use privacy policies to keep their groups safe, then on the other hand it becomes difficult to grow the community.

Despite this contradiction Facebook has found the way by contributing its bit of initiative. Facebook has introduced new tools for the Facebook group admins. These features will help the group admins to protect, manage as well as grow their Facebook groups with relevant and right people. Now let us get into the details of these features.

4 New Tools for Facebook Group Admins 

1. Admin assist (to keep your group safe and protect from misinformation)

new tools for facebook group admins 1

Your Facebook group will be reliable only if it has the right information and a safe place to share the information. With the help of the admin assist tool,

You can automatically accept or decline a member request. Admin assist will first check for auto-approval if criteria is not met then it will check for auto-decline. For example:

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Customize the criteria for member requests

Approve member request if

  • Member answers membership questions
  • Belongs to a certain location
  • Has (specific number of) mutual friends

Decline member request if

  • Person has not answered the membership questions
  • You can automatically accept or decline incoming posts. It will be based on the customized criteria that the group admin has set for the incoming posts.

2. Customize the criteria for incoming posts

Yes, it is added advantage in new tools for Facebook group admins. You can decide on what basis you want to accept or decline a post. These are as follows:

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new tools for facebook group admins 2

• If there is a credit card number in the post

• If there is the email address in the post

• If there are phone numbers in the post (one or more)

• If there are links to specific sites

• If there are posts from people who have certain keywords in their posts.

• If there are posts from people who have or do not have a link in their post.

• If there are posts from people who have or do not have a video in their post

• If post length is more than you allow.

Further, there is an option of advanced settings before you apply the criteria

If you want to take additional moderation action

Or if you want to notify the author about the criteria (in case you trust the author but want to him to improve according to your criteria)

3. Suspend has replaced the mute option (for temporary suspension of group members)

With the help of this tool, you can temporarily suspend any group member and stop them from reacting or commenting or participating in group chat. They also won’t be able to create or enter a room in the group.

Furthermore, action you want to take against a member has 3 options

  • If you want to only decline their post
  • Or along with decline, do you want to suspend them also (for a number of days)
  • Or you want to decline as well as block their post (is they can never see, find or join the group).
  • Updates in admin home (To manage your group activity)

One of the other new tools for Facebook group admins so that they can better and quickly manage their group activity.

  • Overview page (on desktop)

To see a quick review of the activities going on in the group or what areas need more attention to improve the group. For example: who are the new members, which member requests were approved or declined automatically.

  • Insights summary (on mobile)

For admins to keep a check on the growth and engagement of the group members. This tool will help the admins to quickly decide the next plan of action for the growth of their group.

  • Layout update

To quickly search and arrange the group tasks. It will save time and energy of the admin and help them focus better.

  • QR codes support (to reach the relevant audience)

Among other new tools for Facebook group admins, this one is going to help the admins in growing their group. Reaching out to the relevant audience who will be interested in joining and contributing in their group.

new tools for facebook group admins 3

Admins can share the QR code by downloading or do a copy-paste from the share menu > when this code will be scanned the person will be directed to the about page of the group > From there they can join or request to join the group.

4. Email invites

Now admins can send the invites via emails to the relevant audience they are interested in. It can be used in formal interactions and hence a more easy way for admins to grow their community.

In the form of new tools for Facebook group admins, Facebook has opened secure ways of growing the community. With the help of true information exchange, group interactions on Facebook will become more meaningful and fruitful rather than just sharing for the sake of increasing the appearance of the content.

Along, with keeping safe, now it is even easier for the group admins to grow their community with the help of QR code. Hopefully, this article helped you to better understand new tools for Facebook Group Admins. 


1. How can I optimize my Facebook group for search engines?

Optimize your Facebook group by using relevant keywords in the group name, description, and posts, ensuring high-quality content, encouraging user engagement, and sharing valuable resources. This will increase the visibility of your group on search engines and attract more potential members.

2. Can I use the Scheduled Posts feature to improve my group’s SEO?

Yes, the Scheduled Posts feature allows admins to plan and publish content at optimal times. Consistent, high-quality content shared regularly can improve user engagement, boost organic reach, and positively impact your group’s SEO.

3. What is the importance of Membership Questionnaires for my Facebook group’s SEO?

Membership Questionnaires help admins screen potential members, ensuring they’re genuinely interested in the group’s topic. This leads to a more engaged and active community, which can boost your group’s visibility on search engines.

4. How does Group Rules Enforcement contribute to my group’s SEO?

Group Rules Enforcement helps maintain a positive and respectful environment within the group by managing and preventing spam, inappropriate content, or off-topic discussions. A well-maintained group with high-quality content and engaged users is more likely to rank higher in search engine results.

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