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Meta Introduces within App Scheduling for Facebook Reels

Meta is integrating a new feature into Meta Creator Studio to introduce a new and easy way to schedule Reels on Facebook. This new feature will be accessible to anyone who has a Facebook Page. Anyone can do it in three simple steps. Undeniably this is the most convenient way for content creators to schedule their content in advance.


  • Meta Creator Studio made it easy to schedule Facebook Reels in three simple steps.
  • Step 1: Upload video
  • Step 2: Optimize video
  • Step 3: Schedule to post

Note: It’s not easy to execute it on the mobile version of Facebook. So, this scheduling feature needs a desktop browser for easy execution.

Here are the steps to schedule Facebook Reels using the new Creator Studio Feature

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Step 1: Upload Video

  • Log into Creator Studio on the Facebook account. ThoseThose who have not used Creator Studio can log in using their Facebook Page credentials.
  • Now, Tap on ‘Create Reel’ (It will ask the user to upload their video)
  • There is no use of the ‘Button’ label, as the user can not create a video on Creator Studio. Users have to make the video in advance and keep it on their desktop already.
  • Ideally, Creator Studio allows vertical video of 60 seconds time limit. However, users can choose any size and optimize their video in the next step.

Step 2: Optimize Video

  • Those users can skip this step if their video is already within 60 seconds and the vertical ratio.
  • Once video uploading is done, users can optimize their Facebook Reel’s size and time (vertical aspect and within 60 seconds)
  • Creator Studio allows a preview on the screen side, so they can see how their video looks after optimization into the vertical aspect. (there are two options to reframe the video, either standing or square)
  • Once the user is satisfied with their video in reels format, they can tap on the next step.

Step 3: Schedule to Post

  • Users can add the caption they wish to, or users can post it immediately also if they want to
  • Otherwise, schedule it to post
  • If the user is not sure of their video content, they can save the reel in the draft

Creator Studio will not just help the user schedule but will also help them to track their reel performance on Facebook.

Any updates about Instagram Reels’ scheduling?

Meta is majorly focused on Instagram Reels, and according to some evidence, Instagram reel scheduling is in the development process. Instagram researcher Alessandro Paluzzi is marking the Instagram reels’ scheduling feature. He shared on his recent Twitter thread that not just reels but Instagram is working on a strategy to schedule reels and posts within the application.

It is yet to be known when this feature will come into existence. Considering Meta’s focus on pushing the reels on Instagram and Facebook, the Instagram schedule feature will also exist in no time.

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Palak Sharma
Palak Sharma
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