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Learn to Lock Particular Chat in Whatsapp for Android Users

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Whatsapp has brought people closer and relationships stronger by making everyone connect through texts, messages, voice calls, video calls, and location. It has become a source of connection for all your far and near ones. Not only this it also gives a platform to budding entrepreneurs and businesses to thrive on WhatsApp groups and showcase their products. However, maintaining the privacy of your chats is equally important. To keep your chats secure, one must lock a particular chat on Whatsapp.

Sometimes, a lot of private and secret information is shared on WhatsApp through chats and messages. Everyone loves their privacy and doesn’t want to spill their beans in front of others. In this case, maintaining privacy becomes very important for an individual. No one likes to be pried upon especially when it comes to their privacy. However, it becomes important for individuals to protect their chats from nosy people who like to check others’ phones.  So an individual should know how to lock a particular chat on Whatsapp.

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Unfortunately, WhatsApp doesn’t provide you with the lock particular chat option for android and ios users. So, outside help is required to protect and secure your chats on WhatsApp. Many apps can be downloaded on the play store, which claims to protect the chats using a PIN. The app can be very useful in securing the chats as it has the ability to secure your chats by just using a single PIN.

Another wonderful app to secure your chats is the Locker for Whatsapp Chat App- The secure Private Chat app allows you to hide your chat and lock it safely without deleting it. This enables you to keep your personal and group chat safe and secure without putting in recycle bin. The app works by archiving your chats and makes them hidden from others. It becomes inaccessible and only you can see them whenever you want to.

Archive Your Chats.

The archive function also works well to make your private chats hidden and inaccessible to others. The archive function works here to lock particular chats in WhatsApp by shifting your chats to another folder and by archiving it. Still, it won’t hide your chats and could be read by the person who has your phone. So, archiving your chats won’t serve your purpose or offer concrete solutions to your problem.

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To look for a more practical and easy solution, you can try using Locker for WhatsApp chat –Secure private chat to keep your chats safe from others. Just with a single PIN, you will lock and hide all your personal chat on Whatsapp.

How to lock a particular chat on Whatsapp?

  • To lock a particular Whatsapp chat especially on android phones, first, you need to download the app on your android phone.
  • Then, launch the app by tapping on the icon.
  • A PIN will be generated, and you will be prompted to enter the four-digit    PIN. Enter and confirm the PIN.
  • Once the PIN is set, you need to provide a proper recovery email address to retrieve your PIN if forgotten. Go to your settings, and grant permission to your app.
  • Tap on the + icon to add a chat that you need to secure.

With these easy instructions, you can help secure your chat and keep it super safe from hackers and others who just want to intrude in your personal life. With a Lock on your private chats, you can sit comfortably without having to worry more about your phone and how to conceal your chats. These instructions make it easy for you to lock a particular chat on Whatsapp and keep it secure.

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