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Whatsapp End-to-End Encryption in Danger

The Indian government has asked social media players like Facebook and Whatsapp to keep a “blueprint” of every single message sent on their platform. With this, the government plans to keep a tab on any activity that might be “illegal”. So yesterday, Whatsapp sued the Indian government suggesting that the clause is ‘unconstitutional’ and violates the right to privacy.

What does it meant for the user, if this requirement of the Indian does come through?

It is likely that social media giants like Facebook and Twitter will not be able to function given the conditions that the Indian government has implied in its order. For instance, Whatsapp will not be able to maintain the end-to-end encryption if all the millions of messages have to be logged. Additionally, the media is also worried about the challenges it will create for freedom of speech.

Is Whatsapp 3 ticks for real?

Blue tick on whatsapp

Recently, there has been news that Whatsapp will now have 3 ticks. Two blue ticks on Whatsapp suggest that your message has been read. A fake message has been shared that says that will be a third tick to suggest the government has taken note of your message. However, this is incorrect. Whatsapp doesn’t seem to be willing to compromise on its offerings. Hence, it is unlikely that such a feature will be implemented even in the near future.

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The fake message further adds that the government can take direct action if there is one blue tick and 2 red ticks. It goes on to say that if there are three red ticks, one could get a summon from the government.

However, none of these claims are true. On the contract, the Facebook-owned app has gone to court to fight the new IT rules.

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