The melodious voice and innocent smile of the musical diva Neha Kakkar have already wooed millions in the country. However, her musical voice is not the only reason behind her popularity. She is getting into the trends recently as her fans are now eager to know is Neha Kakkar to marry singer Rohanpreet Singh? Though there is no official confirmation from the diva or her rumored beau, there are lots of speculations being made whether she is really getting married in the last week of October. 

While Neha Kakkar is a popular name in the Bollywood industry, Rohanpreet Singh has received much fame after participating in two reality shows. A long time friend of the musical diva, he ended as the first runner-up in the popular musical reality show named, “India’s Rising Star”.

Also, he was much praised for his active participation in the wedding show, “Mujhse Shaadi Karoge”, where he was one of the suitors to none other than Shehnaz Gill. While he was not really lucky to woo Shehnaz Gill, he is now prepping for his marriage with Neha Kakkar. 

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The couple has already received much attention after the release of their music video together and fans are really interested to know is Neha Kakkar to marry singer Rohanpreet Singh.  It all started after Neha Kakkar posted the lyrics “Aaja Chal Vyaah Karwaiye Lockdown vich Katt Hone Kharche”, in her Insta-Story.

Yet, that was not the sole reason. The duo lip-syncing “Diamond Da Challa” also went viral instantly after the video was posted by Rohanpreet Singh and fuelled the rumor of their marriage on October 24, 2020. It has also come to the news that the couple will get hitched in New Delhi in a low-key affair for this pandemic situation.

Though the dates are announced and rumors are high, none of the singers have given any confirmation. A close friend of Neha Kakkar, when asked, is Neha Kakkar to marry singer Rohanpreet Singh this October, firmly rejected the news, and said it to be another publicity gimmick like her marriage rumors with singer Aditya Narayan.

When contacted by the media, Rohanpreet Singh’s manager also denied the reports of marriage and said that marriage is not on the cards of the singer. He even added that the rumors started after the duo released their single together. So, to get any official confirmation for the wedding, fans will have to wait for a few more days.