The global pandemic has made us accept the “New Normal.”  While social distancing has become the need of the hour, we are only safe when wearing a mask. Masks are our best defense from infecting Coronavirus.  It is our primary weapon to protect ourselves from getting infected as the deadly virus spreads when the infected patient coughs, sneezes, or speaks. Now, we completely agree that a mask prevents us from expressing our emotions, and to help us out, Apple has decided to roll out a new emoji with face mask.

The new face mask emoji by Apple

The face mask emoji, which is known as the Face with Medical Mask, has a smiling face covered with the mask. The face mask emoji by Apple is the newest addition with the face that is smiling, has rosy cheeks, and is covered behind the mask.

Emojipedia pointed out that the new emoji with face mask has a startling similarity with Apple’s existing “Smiling Face” with a mask on top. It went further to explain that ‘Face with Medical Mask’ goes well back in history and dates back to the original Japanese emoji sets. The face mask emoji was added to Unicode ten years back in 2010.

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This is how the earlier face mask emoji Apple looked like: has been in a festive mood and was the first to unveil the inclusive Christmas-themed emoji. The latest non-binary emoji will be soon introduced in the iOS 14.2 update as part of Apple’s drive for greater digital diversity.

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Although Apple has still not finalized on the emoji with face mask and is only visible in iOS 14.2 beta 2, there is still an important message here.  One doesn’t have to think of wearing a mask as a chore. Masks are the only vaccine that we have currently to protect ourselves and our family.

Experts have been stressing on the use of face masks as it is the only way we can stay protected. We also advise all our readers to step out only when necessary and to take all necessary precautions while venturing out. Do not wear your face mask under the nose as it defeats the entire purpose. 

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Stat Safe, Stay Healthy!