India Beware! Bladabindi Virus Could Attack Your Windows OS: CERT-In

Bladabindi Virus Could Attack Your Windows OS

Many Bladabindi virusIndian computers have recently been attacked by a Bladabindi virus that affects one’s Microsoft Windows operating system. This has been reported by Computer Emergency Response Team-India (CERT-In), who have alerted Indian computer and Internet users. This multi-identity virus has been hacking secretly. It is capable of stealing sensitive personal information that will perhaps be used for nefarious purposes.

CERT-In has said that this virus can spread through removable USB flash drives and via other malware.

“It has been reported that variants of malware called Bladabindi are spreading. This malware steals sensitive user information from infected computer system. Bladabindi could also be used as malware downloader to propagate further malware and provide backdoor access to the remote attacker,” the agency to counteract phishing hacking CERT-In has said.