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How to see someone’s hidden following list on TikTok

In just 6 years of its age, TikTok has gained huge popularity among all ages of users.  In the entertainment and social media niche, TikTok grabbed a quite beloved place focusing on only short videos.

Seeing the peak of popularity, it will not be surprising to say that this platform has over 30 million daily activities via IOS. The number of users is still increasing as they find it a very easy-going platform. You can easily upload videos, view its reach and connect with others all over the world. However, not all tricks are easy to do on this platform.

You may easily find the following list on a public account but in a private account, you may not be able to see that. Don’t worry; you are not alone in this. Many users have found it difficult to see the following list on a private account, therefore in this article; we will guide you on how to see someone’s hidden following list on TikTok.

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How can you see someone’s hidden following list on TikTok?

If you can not see someone’s following list on TikTok, it means they have made the account private. Now here are some tips that you can try:

By following that person

It will be a very legitimate and easy way for you to see someone’s hidden following list. First, you have to request the follower approval of the person and once the person approves your request, you can easily see his following list.

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Using any other account

If you don’t want to become a follower then you also can use a different account of any user who is already a follower of that person.

Making a different account

You may also create a different account by another name not to be recognized by that person. Send a follow request from that account and you will be able to see the following list.

By a third-party application

Now if you have no liking for the above options, you may try the help of a third party. You need to download an application on your device and make sure that your device is compatible with this software.

  • Now open a website on your phone >search for TikTik++. Tap on the Install button and open settings. Wait for the process to be completed.
  • Click on Profile Downloaded.
  • You will see TikTik++ with an install button.
  • After installation, you can be able to enter a private profile and see the hidden following list without being a follower.

That’s all, now you are good to go. Hope you find this article helpful to see the hidden following list on TikTok. Make sure before exploring any third-party tools; exercise the cautions and measures thoroughly and consider the implications of your actions. It is very important to prioritize privacy boundaries. If you want to know more about privacy settings, you can visit Account privacy settings.


How can I make my following list private on TikTok?

On your profile page, click on the following button, and you will see a pop-up box “Who can see my followers”. Tap on the box and you will see the option to hide your following list.

Why I can not hide my following list?

If you won’t see the option “who can see my followers” by following the above steps, you need to update your TikTok account. You can access the feature after updating the app.

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