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How to Recover Data from your Dead Android Phone

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You forgot to backup your important data on your mobile phone lost it all. Scary, isn’t it? Nothing can be more heart-breaking than losing all your mobile data and not being able to recover it. Don’t lose heart! Data recovery is definitely possible, but what if your phone is dead? No worries! Now, there is an easy solution to your problem. You can recover data even from your dead phone. Before that, let’s see why you lost your mobile data in the first place.

Why did the phone die? Potential causes

Dropping your phone accidently: You never know when the phone slips from your hand or pocket and gets broken. You may drop your android phone accidentally on the ground, which being hard, may completely damage your phone. After this, it becomes very difficult to operate your phone.

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Rooting improperly: Rooting is a process that allows you to attain root access to the android operating system code. There is risk in rooting and using android phone when rooted improperly.

Factory reset: When you factory reset your rooted phone it increases the chances of damaging it.

Using untrusted websites: Virus or malware enter your phone through these sites and damage your phone completely. Browsing unsafe websites on mobile invite virus attack in android phone. Not updating android system can also be a major reason behind this.

Water submerged phone: Once the phone comes in contact with water or gets submerged, it is completely destroyed. The water enters your android phone and destroys the embedded PCB. 

Methods to recover data from dead android phone

What if you have gone through any of the above and want to recover data? Yes, it is possible. Let’s see how!

Restoring mobile data from backup

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Keeping a backup of data always helps! If you have data backup, you can always recover it from your dead phone but only through an external device. A dead phone’s data needs external device because it cannot be switched on. Google drive or any other cloud service can be used.

Restoring data through recovery software

You can always get a data restoring software from different brands. Just be sure to get the one that is capable to recover complete data.

Use your PC

If you have tried everything and are still not able to find any backup, there is hope of recovering it through your PC. All you need to do is connect your android device to a PC that it might recognise, treating it like a USB flash drive that you have just plugged in. If this doesn’t work the only thing you are left with is rescuing the data straight from the phone itself. Go and get is checked from a repair shop, you could also discover that it is the battery that has died and not the phone.

Android phone data recovery service

Another comprehensive way to recover lost data from a dead android phone is by obtaining a data recovery service provider. You can never hope to get 100% data recovery using a software. There is no software designed that will recover all of the mobile data. This happens because data storage technology of android phones is very complex. It also asks for ROOT access every time you make an attempt to recover data from the android phone.

Another important thing everyone should be aware of is, data recovery from a factory reset android mobile is not possible. The reason? Whenever you do a factory reset of your phone, it overwrites the complete data, and this is beyond data recovery.

Hopefully, this will help recover your precious data! 

Also, to avoid such problems, backup your data and never lose it!

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